Journaling is a go-to thing to improve your mental health. It offers you a space for introspection while enhancing your writing skills. However, maintaining a journal and keeping it with you can be a struggle, especially if you have a busy and hectic schedule.

Therefore, Apple iOS 17 has now brought to you a Journal app so you can enjoy writing whenever and wherever you want. Apple’s newest Journal app can use machine learning on-device to make personalized suggestions and guide you through your journaling.

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Do you wish to know more? Continue scrolling the page and find out everything about the Journal app iOS 17. Read on and find out what’s the buzz all about.

A Quick Introduction to the Apple’s Journal App

A journal is a sort of digital diary, allowing you to create multimedia snapshots of the day, whether through images, places, texts, or even Apple Fitness activities. The app is solely launched to help you cultivate gratitude by writing about the positive moments.

The Apple Journal app truly takes a page from Apple’s memories feature, and there’s a good chance it’s going to fill you with memories you either don’t want or aren’t ready to see.

How Does Journal App Work?

Now that you’ve got the basics of Apple’s Journal app, it’s time to learn how it works and what makes the app different from other similar options. The app was launched to give users personalized suggestions to write about their experiences – while fostering improved mental health and well-being.

The app will then analyze your experiences and create a journal entry for you. It’s quite identical to how the iPhone curates your photos and videos to create memories. The real standout feature of the Journal app is its ability to make suggestions. Using on-device learning, the Journal will recommend different entry suggestions based on the activities logged on your iPhone.

When will the Journal App release on iOS 17?

Many of you might be surprised to read the headline and wonder if it isn’t the app already available with iOS 17. And the answer is No.

Unlike other iOS 17 features, the Journal app is fairly new and won’t be launched with the iOS itself. Apple suggests that the Journal app will be coming later in the year, which means that it will likely appear as a subsequent update to iOS 17. The app is going to make a separate debut, just like Live Activities (which was launched as a subsequent update of iOS 16)

Will my Journal Entries be Private?

Yes, definitely. Apple assures that whatever you write in the Journal app will remain private and personal, thus won’t affect your privacy. Also, since it is an Apple app, it is created with security in mind, and you can count on it without thinking twice.

It uses machine learning to offer you suggestions, and all the prompts that happen on the device will be end-to-end encrypted. Moreover, it allows you to password-protect the app, so you can add another layer of safety to the same.


That’s all about it. The Journal app is a one-of-a-kind idea to help you keep a journal whenever and wherever you want. The app is solely introduced to help those who want to utilize their writing skills and commemorate their good memories.

However, the app has just been announced by Apple and will be available to download later in the year. So, it’s advised to bookmark our page and keep visiting us for the accurate release date of the Apple Journal app. Till then, stay tuned.