With each new version of iOS, iPhone users hope for more ways to customize their interface and settings. There was speculation that Apple would allow Control Center customization in the latest iOS 17 update. However, the ability to change and rearrange the Control Center, unfortunately, remains limited in iOS 17.

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What is the Control Center?

FYI, Control Center is the menu that pops up when you swipe down from the top right corner of an iPhone’s display. It contains quick settings toggles and shortcuts for things like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, brightness, airplane mode, and more.

Control Center provides fast access to frequently used settings without having to open the Settings app. Many users enjoy the convenience it offers.

Expectations of Increased Customization

Leading up to the iOS 17 release, various rumors circulated suggesting Apple would finally allow customizing Control Center.

Many iPhone users have wanted the ability to add, remove, rearrange, and resize the shortcuts in Control Center for years now. The iOS interface offers little in the way of customizability, so the prospect of customizable Control Center was appealing.

Lack of Control Center Changes in iOS 17

However, now that iOS 17 has dropped, it is clear Apple did not expand Control Center modification options. The only Control Center change is the addition of a few new default toggles/shortcuts.

Just like in iOS 16 and earlier versions, iOS 17 users cannot rearrange or resize the tiles in the Control Center. There is also no way to add custom shortcuts or actions beyond what Apple includes by default.

Limited Control Center Customization Still Available

The only form of customization offered continues to be the ability to add or remove Control Center tiles using the Settings app.

To do this, go to Settings => Control Center => Customize Controls. Here, you can toggle on or off the visibility of certain default shortcuts. But again, rearranging or adding custom ones is not possible.

Why No Expanded Customization of Control Center in iOS 17?

It seems Apple is still very selective about allowing iOS customization features that might overly complicate or clutter the streamlined interface.

More advanced Control Center modifications may come in the future, but iOS 17 clearly shows Apple is not ready to go down that road yet. For now, users will continue to make do with the limited options available.