The mobile gaming industry continues to expand, with new titles released every day to grab players’ attention. But while some games were built for mobile platforms, they require controller support to offer the best-in-class experience.

This industry generates revenue in billions and creates games that can keep you on the edge of your seat for an extended period. These controller-supported games break the stereotype of offering a casual experience and thus make mobile gaming a profitable concept. They are just as competitive and edge as PC-oriented titles.

So, are you ready to explore a few of them to enjoy a grasping experience on your iPhone? Keep moving and find the 10 best controller-supported titles for iOS to get the upper edge. Let’s unveil the list and enjoy gaming like never before.

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Why do some games feel smoother with a controller?

Have you ever wondered why some titles (especially those listed below) require controller support or what difference a controller can make to these games, or how a controller can enhance the overall gaming experience? Well, before you jump into the list of controller-supported games for iOS, it’s better to find answers to all the questions above.

So, the explanation is easier than you expected. Controllers won’t let you perform quick motions, thus giving you an illusion of a smooth-running game. Besides, game controllers are more comfortable and easier to pick up and play. Most importantly, controllers feature superior analog movement, which is ideal for hack-and-slash games.

The 10 best Controller Supported Games for iOS

Let’s move on to the list of the 10 best controller-supported games for iOS. Check them out and pick wisely. Our experts have compiled this list after trying a bundle of similar games; hence, you can rely on this list, and trust me, all games mentioned below are hard to miss. Without further ado, let’s get into it.


Let’s start with the best. We think no controller-supported game list starts with any other game than Minecraft. Ranked as the number one game in the simulation category, Minecraft is all about building amazing castles and exploring infinite worlds.

This game is best known for its Creative Mode, which is designed to get the most out of you as a creator. It provides unlimited resources, so you can bring your imagination into reality. The game also features survival mode, where you can craft mighty weapons and battle against the dangerous mob. Best of all – Minecraft lets you tweak the gameplay and allows you to explore the latest community creations. Sounds fun, isn’t it?

Call of Duty

Do you love battle-royale games? If so, think no further and turn to Call of Duty: Mobile instantly to enjoy a fantastic experience. This game will surely appeal to your taste, no matter whether you love snipper or snipper battles or prefer going all out in a deathmatch.

It is a multiplayer game that comes with a 100-person battle-royale survival map. While fighting the enemies, you will get the chance to unlock a ton of goodies, including stunning outfits, gears, famous characters, and multiple weapons. All in all, Call of Duty is one of the best multiplayer games on iPhone, with stunning 3D graphics and controller support.

Bike Baron 2

If bike racing enthralls you, Bike Baron 2 is something you cannot afford to miss. This game makes you relive those street bike racing experiences and gives you a chance to race on up to 50 neatly designed tracks.

Be mindful that Bike Baron 2 is one of the wild bike racing adventures, and thus you always get opportunities to pamper the adventure junkie inside. Use those classy monster jumps and contraptions. But be very cautious as they can derail you from the track in seconds and put all your efforts in vain.

The best part – you can select your favorite bike and enjoy a personalized bike racing experience.

Dead Trigger 2

What’s more exciting than killing zombies? If you love fantasy games, Dead Trigger 2 will surely appeal to you. This free-to-play controller support game features life-like graphics, more content, and plenty of gut-splattering fun.

It gives you the chance to participate in real-time story development and global missions. It also lets you earn in-game rewards with which you can purchase different resources to get an edge in the game.

With this, you can unlock 10 different regions and give proof of your powers in more than 30 battlefields.

Lineage 2: Revolution

Do role-playing games fetch your attention? If so, then you must add Lineage 2:Revolution to your collection and showcase your combat skills against 200 players in real-time. Yes, you read it right, 200 players.

It comes under MMORPG game, in which you can collaborate with friends to conquer boss monsters and destroy dungeons. The game features 50-vs-50 fortress siege matches and offers stunning visuals to explore the fantasy world in the best possible way.

However, the only downside of the game is its freezing issue. Its gameplay automatically freezes at critical moments, thus spoiling the overall experience.

Asphalt 9: Legends

The next best controller-supported game for iOS is Asphalt 9: Legends. And we hope it requires no special introduction, especially if you have been into gaming for a while. This famous car racing game takes you on a roller-coaster ride of hypercars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, W Motors, and more.

It lets you showcase your racing talent on up to 80 breathtaking tracks while exploring stunning views. The best part – you can customize your car with a car editor and play the game in both single and multiplayer modes.


Looking for a retro action-adventure game? If so, consider choosing Huntdown and enjoy playing the role of a three-country bounty hunter who is on a mission to put violence and corruption to an end. The gameplay is inspired by the popular action movies and arcade games of the late 80s, thus teleporting gamers to the retro era.

Huntdown is more of a fast-paced strategic combat game that allows you to select your mission and a wide variety of weapons required throughout the game. It boasts 20 levels, thus keeping you on your toes.

GTA: San Andreas

How could we forget to mention GTA: San Andreas when listing the best controller-supported games for iOS? This game is unarguably the most popular choice on the App Store and allows players to take out their violent tendencies on corrupt executives and irritating passersby.

GTA: San Andreas features more than 70 hours of campaign gameplay and lets you customize playlists to take advantage of the dual-stick controls for full camera movement. What makes it the best choice is its story-driven gameplay that keeps you occupied until you finish the game.

Jetpack Joyride

The next best controller-supported game that you should give a try is Jetpack Joyride. While it is an endless running game like Temple Run and Subway Surfers, what sets it apart is its fascinating gameplay where you’ll get the chance to ride crazy vehicles.

Moreover, it comprises several missions that give you a chance to earn coins and power-ups. The game offers endless customization possibilities and allows you to personalize the look with crazy outfits.

Animus: Revenant

Wanna try something out-of-the-box? Select Animus Revenant and feel how does it like to be a savior. It is a single-player action RPG in which you save the world from annihilation. Imagine that the world is on the verge of destruction and you are the only superhero who can save it. Sounds interesting – so does the game.

It is a perfect mix of action and adventure and comes with a gripping storyline that keeps you engaged. Besides, it vast galore of weapons adds thrill to your overall experience and ensures you have access to the desired tool to establish peace.


There you have it. Hope this list helps you choose the best iOS controller-supported games. From spine-chilling adventures to role-playing games, the list has everything to cater to your taste. So, why wait? Choose any of them and give yourself a chance to live all your desired fantasies right from your comfort zone.

That’s all. For more game-related guides, bookmark the page and stay tuned.