College Brawl is a 2D fighting game set in a college campus environment. The game revolves around a student named Ken, who is trying to help his friend get his stolen possessions back from a gang called the Red Cats.

The gameplay involves fighting through different levels of the college while battling enemies. As you progress, you can upgrade your character’s abilities and weapons. The game features pixel art graphics and arcade-style combat.

While popular on Android devices, College Brawl is not officially available on the iOS App Store due to its violent nature and adult content. However, it is possible to download and play College Brawl on an iPhone or iPad using third-party app installers.

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Is College Brawl Available on the App Store?

No, College Brawl cannot be found on the official iOS App Store. Apple has strict guidelines about the type of apps allowed, and College Brawl’s mature content means it does not comply with these guidelines.

Trying to search for “College Brawl” on the App Store will not yield any results. The game can only be downloaded through unofficial methods detailed below.

Can You Download College Brawl on iOS Devices?

Yes, iPhone and iPad users can download and play College Brawl, but it requires using third-party app installers outside of the App Store.

While Apple does not allow or endorse these methods, they do work to get unapproved apps like College Brawl onto iOS devices. However, there are risks involved when bypassing the App Store that users should be aware of.

How to Download and Install College Brawl on iOS?

Step 1: Create an Apple ID for Sideloading

To get started, create a free Apple ID dedicated for sideloading apps. Do not use your primary Apple ID.

This alternate Apple ID will be used to download and sign the College Brawl app file. If it gets banned by Apple, your main account will not be affected.

Make sure to set a complex password and use an email you don’t need for other services. Avoid personal information when filling out the Apple ID form.

Write down the new Apple ID credentials and save them somewhere secure. You’ll need them repeatedly during the sideloading process.

Step 2: Install an iOS App Installer

The next step is to install a third-party iOS app installer that will enable installing apps from outside the App Store. Some recommended options:

  • AltStore: A free sideloading app that uses your computer. Need to refresh apps weekly.
  • AppCake: App installer that requires jailbreaking your device first. More involved process.
  • iOSGods: Simple direct IPA file downloads but requires a paid subscription.
  • TweakBox: Free app store with emulators, hacked games, and more. Has ad popups.

Research different iOS app installers and choose one that works for your needs. We suggest AltStore for a straightforward method.

Step 3: Download the College Brawl IPA File

Once you have an app installer ready, you can now download the College Brawl IPA file to your device.

Search for “College Brawl iOS” on your preferred app installer site. Download the latest IPA file. Make sure it is for iOS devices, not Android APK.

The IPA file may be hosted on the installer site itself, or you may get a download link for it. Save the IPA file and have it ready for the next step.

Step 4: Use the App Installer to Sideload

With the IPA file on your device, open the iOS app installer you chose in Step 2.

In AltStore, connect your iPhone to the computer and drag-drop the IPA file to AltStore to begin sideloading. For other installers, follow their instructions to import and install the IPA.

The app installer will now sideload College Brawl using your Apple ID from Step 1 to sign and verify the app. Be patient, as this process can take a few minutes.

Step 5: Trust the Enterprise Certificate

Once installed, you need to trust the enterprise certificate used to sign College Brawl. Go to Settings => General => Profiles & Device Management.

Find the developer profile for your Apple ID under Enterprise App and tap Trust. If you get an Untrusted Enterprise Developer warning, go to Settings => General => About and trust it.

You can now open College Brawl and start playing! The app may need to refresh its certificate every 7 days, depending on the installer.

Risks of Downloading College Brawl on iOS

While getting College Brawl on an iPhone or iPad is possible, there are some risks to consider:

  • Malware threats: Apps from third-party sources could contain malware and compromise your device’s security. Only download from reputable sites.
  • Stability issues: The app may be buggy or crash frequently since it hasn’t gone through App Store approval.
  • Revokes: Apple can revoke the app certificate, causing the app to stop working suddenly.
  • Ban risk: Your Apple ID could potentially get banned for violating terms of service. Use an alternate ID just for sideloading.
  • No updates: You won’t get any official app updates or support from the developer.
  • Voided warranty: Getting apps from outside the App Store technically voids your device’s warranty.

While inconvenient, these risks can be mitigated by following safe practices. Proceed with caution when downloading College Brawl iOS.


Getting College Brawl on your iPhone or iPad is possible with the right tools and techniques. While the process involves some hassle, it allows iOS users to enjoy the game.

Be aware of the risks and follow safe sideloading practices. Use trustworthy sources, alternate Apple IDs, and keep your device secure. With some effort, you can safely experience College Brawl’s college campus brawling action on an iOS device.