If you are running out of space and wondering where to save your photos, videos, and other content, it’s recommended to buy additional storage and get rid of the trouble once and for all. But here lies another question – Where and how to buy more storage on iPhone? Or is it possible to expand the memory on the Apple device?

iPhone is an investment of a lifetime; hence, most people prefer purchasing low-budget or base iPhone models to cut down a few bucks. But unfortunately, they miss the line of sight and forget about the files and content they need to save in the future. And that’s where the insufficient storage space problem starts. Your Apple often comes with 5GB of iCloud storage and a few GBs of internal memory and RAM to save your data. But this might not be enough for all, thus leading to trouble for a few.

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Therefore, we have compiled some practical ways to buy more storage on iPhone, so you can keep your images, documents, and other data type safely on your device. Without delaying any further, let’s slip into the solutions and root out the space issues for good.

Is it possible to buy more iCloud Storage?

Let’s make one thing straight – you cannot expand Apple’s internal memory, as, like Android, iOS doesn’t support this step. Hence, your model remains the same RAM and ROM till the end, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Hence, the only way you have to tackle the problem is to buy more iCloud storage space or upgrade to iCloud+ to get more space and keep your data and memories safe and sound.

But here’s a doubt – Can you buy more iCloud storage, or if you have to fulfill some eligibility criteria to carry out the process? And luckily, the answer is YES, you can. iCloud storage is Apple’s cloud storage service that offers a minimal amount of 5GB space for free. However, if your data exceed the limit, you must purchase the space to keep your files secured.

Excess iCloud storage eliminates the hassle of choosing between what to keep and what to delete. It lets you store everything you want without having to worry about the storage limit and iPhone’s performance.

How to buy more iCloud Storage on your iPhone?

Now that you know it is possible to get more iCloud storage, it’s time to move on to the step-by-step guide to do so. Stick to the instructions below to avoid any hassle later on. The process is pretty easy and straightforward and requires no prior experience to carry out the task.

Let’s begin.

  1. Launch Settings and click your name at the top of the screen.
  2. Select iCloud and tap the Manage Storage option. You may find this button as iCloud Storage on some iPhone models.
  3. Tap Buy More Storage or Change Storage plan to upgrade your iCloud storage.
  4. Now, pick the Upgrade option for the amount of storage you need. Be mindful that the process is flexible, and you can upgrade or downgrade the same at any point in time. However, you must know that if you downgrade to less space than the amount you have, you might lose some of your files. Hence, downgrade cautiously or avoid it altogether.
  5. As soon as you have selected the storage plan, it’s time to confirm your choice by double-pressing the side button on your iPhone or by providing credit card information when asked. You’ll be then charged for your iCloud storage for each month until you cancel it manually.

A Quick Glimpses into iCloud Plans

New to buying iCloud space and have no idea about the storage plans? Fret not, as we are here to help. It’s mandatory to select the plan according to your storage needs and budget. Do not get flattered by any option and make an impulsive purchase.

Consider how much space do you need or what files you wish to store on iCloud. Once you find answers to all these questions, scroll down the page and learn everything about iCloud plans.

50GB Storage Plan

It is the most basic iCloud plan priced at $0.99 each month and is sufficient to back up both an iPad and an iPhone using the same Apple ID.

The key features include

  • 50GB storage
  • Hide my email
  • Custom email domain
  • HomeKit Secure Video Support for one camera
  • Share everything with up to five other family members
  • iCloud Private Relay

200GB Storage Plan

Not satisfied with 50GB and want more? Consider opting for iCloud+ 200GB storage plan that costs around $2.99 each month. The plan is ideal for all the family devices used collectivity. Some of the key features included in this plan are:

  • 200GB of storage
  • HomeKit Secure Vidoe support for up to 5 cameras
  • Custom Email Domain
  • Share everything with up to five family members
  • Hide my email

2TB Storage Plan

The third and the most preferred plan for businesses and large families is the 2TB storage plan. It costs around $9.99 monthly and offers a massive storage space of 2TB. Here’s what makes this plan unique and worth considering.

  • 2TB storage
  • Custom email domain
  • HomeKit Secure Vidoe support for up to unlimited cameras
  • iCloud private relay
  • Share everything with up to five family members
  • Hide my email

Are there any alternatives to iCloud?

While buying iCloud storage is the best thing to increase space on your iPhone to keep your data and files, it’s expensive and and might cost you some precious dollars. Hence, our experts have compiled a few other alternatives that might help you get more space to keep your photos and videos without costing an arm and a leg.

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox

Both these third-party storage spaces are ideal to meet your memory requirements. Each service offers different services, pricing tiers, and levels of security. However, be mindful that nothing comes free in this world, and these are no exception. Like iCloud storage, you must have to pay beforehand or choose any subscription plan to get continuous space to keep your data. Similarly, you can upgrade or downgrade the plan anytime without thinking twice.


That’s all, readers. Remember that you cannot extend iPhone’s storage or memory anyhow but you can opt for iCloud storage and other alternatives to keep the space intact. iCloud is one of the safest options that offer multiple pricing tiers to meet your budget and data requirements. So, why wait? Select your option and save your memories for as long as you want.