What is Andrey TV?

Andrey TV is a technology blog and website, not an actual TV platform or iOS app. The website AndreyTV.com was started in 2020 as a place to discuss various technology topics and review apps, gadgets, software, and other aspects of the tech world.

The tagline describes Andrey TV as a “technology and apps blog,” and the About page also states it is a blog focused on technology. So based on this, Andrey TV is a blog about technology, not a dedicated iOS app or TV service.

Content and Features of Andrey TV

The content on Andrey TV is written in a typical blog format with dated posts in reverse chronological order. The topics span different technology segments, from streaming services to productivity software and more.

While the blog covers some streaming entertainment services and apps like Netflix and Spotify, this is not the sole focus. The majority of posts are about general technology tips, app reviews across platforms, and software recommendations.

Some of the key features and content areas of Andrey TV blog include:

  • App reviews and recommendations
  • Tips and tricks for using technology more effectively
  • Information and news about new device launches
  • Coverage of streaming services and entertainment apps
  • Tutorials on setting up various software and apps
  • WordPress and Blogger tips for bloggers and website owners
  • Gadget reviews and buying advice

Hence, Andrey TV serves as a general technology blog rather than focusing specifically on TV, video streaming, or entertainment. The content is aimed at a general tech-savvy audience looking for app recommendations, how-to advice, and news.

Is There an Official Andrey TV iOS App?

Based on searches of the Apple App Store, there is currently no evidence that an official Andrey TV iOS app exists. Searching for “Andrey TV” or variations does not bring up any app in the App Store linked to the developers/creators of the AndreyTV.com blog.

The Andrey TV website and its social media pages also make no references to an official mobile app being available on iOS or any other platforms.

There are some third-party websites that claim to offer an “Andrey TV APK” for Android. However, these appear to be unofficial apps made by unknown third-party creators, not an official app from the Andrey TV blog itself.

Can You Get Andrey TV on an iPhone Running iOS 17?

Since there is no official Andrey TV iOS app, there is no way to download Andrey TV onto an iPhone running iOS 17 or any other iOS version.

The blog’s content and articles are accessible through the AndreyTV.com website, which is viewable on an iPhone’s web browser like Safari. But there is no specialized Andrey TV app for iOS devices currently available.

The creators have focused Andrey TV on creating a website rather than native mobile apps. So iPhone users can access all the written blog content on the website, but cannot download an Andrey TV app natively to their iOS devices.

What Can You Do Instead on iOS 17?

While Andrey TV does not have its own iOS app, here are some recommendations of things you can do instead on an iPhone running iOS 17:

  • Access the website – Read Andrey TV’s blog posts and content directly in the Safari web browser on your iPhone.
  • Get app recommendations – Check Andrey TV’s app reviews and roundups for recommendations, and download those apps from the iOS App Store.
  • Utilize iOS 17 features – Such as the new Personal Voice, updated messaging capabilities, and intelligent search functions.
  • Explore streaming services – Like the ones covered by Andrey TV including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and more via their iOS apps.
  • Find alternative iOS tech blogs – For app reviews, how-tos, tips and news relevant specifically for Apple devices and services.

While Andrey TV does not have its own official iOS app, you can still access the useful tech content on the website from an iPhone running iOS 17. And iOS 17 itself brings many new features iPhone users can enjoy as an alternative.


Andrey TV is a general technology blog, not a specific app or TV platform, focused on reviewing various tech products and services. There is currently no official Andrey TV iOS app available for downloading despite some unofficial Android APKs existing.

iPhone users running iOS 17 can visit the AndreyTV website to read the written blog content. But cannot natively install an Andrey TV app on their devices since the developers have not created an iOS version.