Netv Gold is a popular Android app that provides users access to live TV, movies, shows, sports, and more. However, iOS users are unable to download or install Netv Gold due to Apple’s restrictions. Let me tell you why Netv Gold is not available on iOS, alternative options for iOS users, and recommendations for streaming content on iPhone and iPad devices.

No Official iOS App Available

The key fact is that there is no official iOS app version of Netv Gold available for download. Netv Gold was developed solely as an Android app. It is only available for installation on Android smartphones and tablets, not on Apple iOS devices like iPhones and iPads.

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Attempting to find Netv Gold in the Apple App Store will not be successful. The developers have not created an iOS-compatible version of the app due to the significant development work and Apple guidelines required to launch an app in the App Store.

Sideloading Netv Gold APK Not Possible

Some Android apps can be sideloaded onto iOS devices if users download the APK file. However, this is not possible with Netv Gold. Apple’s security restrictions prevent sideloading of Android APK files onto iPhones or iPads, even if the device is jailbroken.

Sideloading apps comes with major security risks, so it is not recommended. There is no safe way to get Netv Gold onto an iOS device outside of an official App Store release by the developers.

Android Emulators Don’t Work on iOS

Another workaround some try is using an Android emulator on iOS. However, emulators require jailbreaking the iPhone or iPad which comes with security vulnerabilities.

Even with a jailbroken device, Android emulators are not optimized for iOS and Netv Gold will not function properly. Emulators are not a viable option for running Android apps on iOS.

No Safe or Legal Workarounds

Unfortunately, as of now there are no recommended safe, legal workarounds for installing Netv Gold on iOS devices. Methods like modified IPA files could contain malware and are not secure.

Unless the developers launch Netv Gold in the Apple App Store, iOS users have no official way to download or use the app.

Alternatives to Netv Gold on iPhone & iPad

Instead of Netv Gold, here are some top alternative apps iOS users can use to access similar content:

Streaming On-Demand Movies & Shows

  • Netflix – Extensive library of originals, movies, and shows. Offline downloads.
  • Hulu – Huge catalog of shows, live TV, movies, and more. Ad-free option available.
  • Disney+ – Stream Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and National Geographic.
  • HBOMax – Stream HBO series, DC movies, TCM, Cartoon Network, and more.

Live TV Streaming

  • YouTubeTV – 70+ live TV channels for sports, news, entertainment and more. Unlimited DVR.
  • SlingTV – Live news, sports, and shows starting at $35/month. Cloud DVR included.
  • FuboTV – Sports-focused package with over 100 channels. Includes 500 hour DVR.
  • DirecTV Stream – Stream live TV including sports, on demand shows, and access to premium channels.

News Apps

  • CNN – Watch CNN live plus access articles, videos, and more.
  • FoxNews – Live streaming of Fox News Channel plus shows and breaking news.
  • BBCNews – Live BBC TV news channel and extensive world news coverage.

While not exactly the same as Netv Gold, the apps above provide iOS users with a variety of safe, legal ways to stream movies, shows, sports, news, and other content on iPhone and iPad devices.


Netv Gold is not available on iOS devices due to Apple’s restrictions, and there are currently no recommended workarounds. The app can only be installed on Android devices. For iOS users, the best alternatives are to use the many streaming and news apps available on the App Store like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV, CNN, and others to access similar movies, shows, sports, and live news content.