iOS 17.2.1 was recently released in December 2023 to fix bugs and improve the performance of iPhones. However, some users have reported battery drain issues after updating to this version.

Since iOS 16, Apple has not addressed any update to address battery drain issues on iPhone.

However, there are some tips that you can follow you combat this issue. Here are the top tips to improve battery life and fix battery drain problems in iOS 17.2.1. The tips work for all iPhone models including non-Pro and Pro models.

What Causes Battery Drain in iOS 17.2.1?

There are a few key reasons that can cause faster battery drain in iOS 17.2.1:

  • Compatibility issues – Since iOS 17.2.1 is a new update, some apps may not be fully optimized for it yet leading to battery drain.
  • New features – New features introduced in iOS updates can sometimes use more system resources initially causing temporary battery drain.
  • Bugs – There may also be some bugs or issues specifically affecting battery life in the new iOS update.

1. Turn Off 5G Auto Join

5G connectivity can use more battery as it continuously searches for 5G signals. Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options and turn off 5G Auto Join. This will prevent your iPhone from draining battery by constantly looking for 5G networks. You can manually enable 5G when required.

2. Lower Refresh Rate to 60Hz

The 120Hz ProMotion display on new iPhones uses more battery. You can lower the refresh rate to 60Hz to save battery life. Go to Settings => Accessibility => Motion => Limit Frame Rate and select 60Hz. This will reduce smoothness but give you better battery life.

3. Turn Off Location Services

Location services like GPS are big battery drainers. Go to Settings => Privacy & Security and switch off location services for apps that don’t need it. Also, disable Significant Locations and Location-Based Apple Ads under Location Services to save battery.

4. Disable Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh allows apps to refresh their content when not in use. This consumes a lot of battery. Go to Settings => General => Background App Refresh and turn it off. Alternatively, you can disable it only for specific apps too. This will reduce background activity without hampering app functionality.

5. Reduce Transparency & Motion

The parallax effect and iOS animations may look good but reduce battery life. Go to Settings > Accessibility and reduce transparency under Display & Text Size. Also, limit motion effects under Motion. This will turn off unnecessary graphical effects and transitions to save battery.

6. Turn Off Haptics & Keyboard Clicks

The Taptic Engine that powers haptics and keyboard clicks on iPhones is power-hungry. To save battery, turn off haptics by going to Settings => Sounds & Haptics => Sound & Haptics and toggling off ‘Haptics’. Also, disable keyboard clicks by going to Sounds & Haptics => Keyboard Feedback and turning off sound and haptics.

7. Disable Auto-Brightness

The auto-brightness feature uses a camera to gauge ambient light and adjust screen brightness accordingly. This constant sensing uses an extra battery. Go to Settings => Accessibility => Display & Text Size and turn off Auto-Brightness. Manually adjust brightness as needed to conserve battery life.

8. Disable Unnecessary Siri Suggestions

Siri suggestions on the lock screen, search, maps, etc use machine learning in the background which reduces battery life. Go to Settings => Siri & Search and turn off suggestions you don’t need. This will limit unnecessary background processing and improve battery life.

9. Delete Battery Draining Apps

Some third-party apps can drain the battery in the background. Check battery usage graphs in Settings > Battery and delete apps that show high usage even when not in frequent use. Replace such apps with Apple or optimized alternatives that are less taxing on the battery.

10. Disable Widgets & Complications

Live widgets and watch complications sync data in the background using Bluetooth and the internet which reduces battery life. Disable all unnecessary widgets on iPhone and Apple Watch to limit this background activity and battery drain. The same applies to live wallpapers which animate in the background.

Thus, this is how you can fix the battery drain specifically on iOS 17.2.1 for iPhones. Follow as many suggestions as possible to significantly improve battery life. Also, update to the latest iOS version if a bug fix is released.