One of the most delightful new features rolled out in iOS 17 is the ability to transform your own Live Photos into fun, animated stickers to share with friends. Creating your own customized Live Stickers only takes a few taps and they can be accessed right within your iPhone’s Messages app.

How To Make A Live Sticker On iOS 17

Ready to make some magical moving stickers? Just follow these simple steps.

  1. First, you’ll need to select a Live Photo to use from your camera roll. You can tell which photos and videos are Live because they have a distinct yellow and red “Live” emblem in the upper left corner.
  2. Open the Messages app and select a conversation or start a new one. Tap the App Store-style icon to the left of the text box, then choose the “Stickers” option at the bottom.
  3. Next, tap the plus sign to create a new sticker. You’ll see all your camera roll Live Photos dancing around. These mini previews let you preview the Live Photos’ animation.
  4. Select the Live Photo you want immortalized as an animated iMessage sticker. Drag and release to draw a rectangle around your chosen sticker subject.
  5. Give your new sticker a name if you wish, then tap “Add” to save it to your custom sticker collection.

Now you can send your homegrown Live Sticker to friends alongside text or other iMessage creations. Tap it to see placement options like fullscreen or small overlay modes.

How To Customize Live GIFs Stickers on iOS 17

  1. Want to spice up your sticker with filters, text captions, or the bouncy “Live” effect? Tap and hold the sticker like you would text, then choose “Add Effect” at the top.
  2. Here you can overlay handwritten text, stickers, drawings, or apply filters like black & white. Toggle “Live” on to make your sticker bounce around like the original Live Photo.
  3. Once you’re happy with your design, tap “Done” to save changes. Your personalized Live Sticker is now ready to delight friends and family.

With iOS 17, Apple has opened up the Messages sticker format for creativity. Turn cherished Live Photos from special occasions into shareable keepsakes. Capture funny antics, cute poses or memorable vacations then recreate them as living animation.

The options for unique, personalized stickers are endless. Simply shoot or select a Live Photo, mask the key subject, add some flair and insert your bespoke creation into messages. Bring your conversations to life with custom stickers reflecting memories made.