Resident Evil Village is available on the App Store for iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max and iPad Pro with M1/M2 chips. It is a full port of the PC/console version, not a mobile version, so it requires high-performance hardware to run smoothly. The game costs $39.99 after a free trial. If you are an iPhone and wondering how can you get Resident Evil Village on iOS devices, check out this full article.

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Compatible Devices

  • iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max
  • iPad Pro with M1 or M2 chip (2018 models or later)
  • Older iPhones and iPads cannot run the game properly due to hardware limitations. The A17 Bionic chip in iPhone 15 Pro/Max provides the necessary performance.

Recommended Accessories

  • A controller is highly recommended for proper gameplay. The touch controls are not optimized. Use a DualShock 4/5, Xbox Wireless Controller, or a dedicated mobile controller like the Backbone One.
  • A phone cooling accessory can help with thermal throttling issues during long play sessions. The game makes iPhones run hot.
  • A stand, grip or case can make extended play more comfortable compared to holding the bare device.

Performance and Graphics

  • On iPhone 15 Pro, the game runs at a stable 30 FPS on default settings. Resolution is dynamic up to 1080p based on load.
  • On iPad Pro with M1/M2, 60 FPS is achievable on lower settings. Resolution can reach 1440p.
  • Visual quality is identical to the PC/console versions. Lighting, textures, assets, etc are the same. No compromises were made.

Controls and Gameplay

  • Touch controls are subpar. Use a controller for proper gameplay.
  • Inventory management and menus are challenging without a controller.
  • No major changes to gameplay mechanics or content compared to PC/console.


Resident Evil Village on iOS is an impressive technical showcase held back by touch controls. With a controller, it provides a great portable experience identical to the PC/console versions. Thermal throttling can impact sustained performance on iPhones. Overall it’s an exciting glimpse into the future of AAA gaming on mobile hardware.