FaceTime is an integral part of every iPhone user – the one they can’t live without. However, its importance has multiplied by manifolds with the addition of FaceTime Reactions. These emoticons have made FaceTime more interactive than ever.

But wait, here’s a question – How do you use FaceTime reactions? If you are new to FaceTime Reactions and have no idea about how to begin, this guide should interest you. We have compiled the step-by-step instructions to use these reactions. Follow the instructions carefully and express your emotions to your near and dear ones during FaceTime. Let’s have a look.

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What are Facetime Reactions?

So, what are Facetime reactions? In case you’ve missed it, these reactions are a new feature of iOS 17 that allows you to share or express your emotions during a Facetime call. You can use a Heart emoticon to show your love or celebration emojis to reflect your happiness.

The reactions are endless, and you can use them based on your mood or communication. Remember that the feature is iOS 17-exclusive; hence, only those who can update to the latest iteration of iOS 17 are eligible to use these reactions.

How to Use FaceTime Reactions?

Here’s the real question – How to use Facetime Reactions? And trust me, the process is simple and effortless. You don’t have to indulge in a learning curve to express your emotions during a Facetime call. Use the instructions here, and it’s done.

  • Unlock your iPhone and initiate a video call using Facetime.
  • Now, use your hand gestures to bring various reactions and express your emotions right away.

What are different Facetime Reactions Available and how do you Get Them?

iOS 17 has launched multiple Facetime reactions, including confetti, fireworks, laser, thumbs-up/ down, rainstorms, and many more. And the best thing is that all these reactions can appear on the screen using your hands or fingers. Easy, isn’t it?

Below, we have mentioned a few reactions and the process to make them appear on the screen. Let’s get started.

  • Once you get connected with another person, thumbs up to display thumbs up to the screen.
  • If you wish to generate fireworks, display two thumbs up to the screen.
  • For hearts, display your hands in a heart shape on the screen. 
  • Similarly, you must make a peace sign with your hands or the V sign, and your screen will get filled with balloons.
  • For Confetti, show two V symbols or peace signs with your hands.
  • Thumbs-down can appear when you display a thumbs-down using your hand on the screen.
  • Do you want a rainstorm? Display two thumbs down on the screen.
  • For a laser effect, display a rock n roll sign with both hands on the iPhone screen.

Note: Make sure to display your hand gestures clearly on the screen so that your iPhone can understand and react accordingly. If you are having trouble getting these gestures, it’s advised to move slightly back from your screen and give your device a little time.


Long story short – you can easily use Facetime Reactions using your hand gestures, provided that these gestures are clear and accurate. These allow you to use complex animations to express your emotions during Facetime. So, if you’ve been looking for a new way to express your emotions during a video call, you should try Facetime Reactions.

We hope you have enjoyed your reading time. If you have any queries regarding the Facetime reactions, feel free to share the details with us. We will look into it and resolve the problem as soon as possible.