In an age where technology continuously shapes our daily experiences, even the slightest hint of a new feature can cause a frenzy. One such recent sensation was the “iOS Surprise Alarm,” which became popular on Twitter and TikTok. But is it just a hoax or a genuine Apple feature?

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How to Send a Surprise Alarm?

Recently, a significant chatter emerged on various social media platforms, with many buzzing about an ostensibly new feature called the “iOS Surprise Alarm.” The central theme?

An ability to send startling, loud alarms to acquaintances’ iPhones. Sounds fun or maybe a bit mischievous? As intriguing as it might sound, the truth behind this is quite different.

The Real Story Behind the Feature

Despite the widespread interest, it turns out that the iOS Surprise Alarm isn’t an official Apple feature. Instead, it’s the brainchild of Soren Iverson, a tech enthusiast with a penchant for creative concepts. Contrary to the wild rumors, Apple hasn’t introduced any such feature to its iOS platform.

The Viral Tweet

The epicenter of this entire buzz is a single tweet. Soren Iverson took to Twitter to share a mock-up of this fictional iOS feature, suggesting that users could send loud, jarring tones to their friends’ iPhones without warning. With the power of social media and the curiosity of the masses, this tweet skyrocketed in popularity, garnering an impressive 39 million views at its peak.

Reactions to the Viral Tweet

A concept as unique as the Surprise Alarm was bound to elicit a medley of reactions. While some were intrigued by the innovative (albeit imaginary) feature, picturing the chaos and laughter it might incite, others were far from pleased. The mere thought of unanticipated alarms disrupting one’s day, meeting, or tranquil moment led many to express relief upon learning it wasn’t real. In the vast spectrum of reactions, sentiments ranged from amusement and intrigue to annoyance and downright frustration.

While the iOS Surprise Alarm remains a fantasy, it reflects the nexus between tech creativity and ethics. Imagining unique and out-of-the-box features is commendable. Yet, ensuring that these ideas align with user well-being and don’t infringe on one’s peace or privacy is essential.


The iOS Surprise Alarm serves as a reminder of the power of social media and the collective curiosity of tech enthusiasts. While Soren Iverson’s creative concept was a mere flight of fancy, it underscores the need for a careful balance between innovation and ethical considerations in technology.