INAT TV is a popular live TV and video streaming app that allows users to watch live TV channels, movies, TV shows, and more on their Android devices. However, iOS users often wonder – is there an INAT TV app available for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads?

Unfortunately, there is currently no official INAT TV app available for download on the iOS App Store. The developers of INAT TV have focused their efforts on the Android platform so far.

Why is there no INAT TV app for iOS?

There are a few reasons why an official INAT TV iOS app hasn’t been developed yet:

  • Development costs: Creating an iOS app requires significant development effort and costs compared to Android. The INAT TV developers may not have the resources yet to build and maintain an iOS app.
  • App Store restrictions: Apple has stricter guidelines and review processes for apps listed on their App Store compared to Google Play Store. Certain types of streaming apps may not be allowed or get rejected.
  • iOS limitations: Some features like background playback and picture-in-picture may be restricted by iOS, making the user experience less ideal compared to Android.
  • Smaller audience: INAT TV’s target audience is likely Android-heavy markets where iOS devices have lower penetration. Developing for iOS may not be a priority.

Are there any alternatives to use INAT TV on iOS devices?

While an official iOS app is not available, there are some alternative options iOS users can try to access INAT TV on their devices:

  • Use the web browser: INAT TV can be accessed via their website on the Safari or any other web browser on the iPhone/iPad. However, the experience may not be fully optimized.
  • Screen mirroring: You can mirror your Android device’s screen which has INAT TV installed to an Apple TV connected to your iOS device. Then control playback from the Android device.
  • Android emulators: Install an Android emulator like BlueStacks on your Mac/PC, install INAT TV in it, and mirror the emulator screen to the iOS device.
  • Wait for third-party apps: Some third-party developers may release an iOS app with similar capabilities as INAT TV, though quality may vary.

What does the future hold for an official INAT TV iOS app?

While iOS support currently seems unlikely, there is still a possibility of an official INAT TV iOS app in the future if:

  • INAT TV increases in popularity globally and there is enough demand from iOS users.
  • They expand their team and development resources to support both Android and iOS platforms.
  • They are able to comply with App Store guidelines and overcome iOS limitations by optimizing the app.

However, iOS users may have to depend on the workaround options for now. The best bet is to keep an eye out on the App Store or INAT TV’s website for any official announcements regarding iOS support.


An official INAT TV app is currently not available on the iOS App Store due to various development and platform limitations. iOS users have limited options like using the web browser or Android mirroring as temporary workarounds. While not impossible, the prospects of an iOS-optimized INAT TV app launching in the near future seem low at the moment. iOS users may have to consider alternative apps offering similar streaming features until official iOS support is added.