Instagram doesn’t allow saving photos, videos, or stories directly from its app. However, using iOS shortcuts you can download Instagram content to your phone’s camera roll. The Instagram Download shortcut has been updated for compatibility with iOS 17 and makes grabbing Instagram media simple.

What is the Instagram Download Shortcut?

The Instagram Download shortcut is a custom iOS shortcut created by developers to let you save public and private Instagram photos, videos, reels, stories, and story highlights.

It uses Instagram’s API and some clever scripting to grab media without needing to screenshot or screen record. The shortcut downloads high resolution videos up to 1080×1920 pixels at 60fps.

Downloading the Latest Version

As of January 2024, the current version is Instagram Download shortcut 3.3.6. This fixed issues with long videos and ‘Bad URL Hash’ errors.

You can add it to your iOS shortcuts by visiting here. If that site is down, get it directly from:


To use the Instagram Download shortcut on iOS 17, you need:

  • The Shortcuts app
  • Scriptable app
  • a-Shell mini app

You’ll also get higher resolution downloads when logged into an Instagram account.

Once added, open the shortcut in the Shortcuts app. Paste the Instagram URL of the content you want to download. The shortcut will begin processing and save media to your camera roll.

If it gets stuck or you get an error, check for updates or troubleshoot using online resources.


While Instagram doesn’t allow official downloads, using the Instagram Download iOS shortcut provides an easy workaround to save photos, videos, stories, and more to your iPhone camera roll on iOS 17. Just install the shortcut, provide a link, and your media will be downloaded in high quality. Keep the shortcut updated and troubleshoot issues as needed.