Apple recently released iOS 17.1.2 to address critical security vulnerabilities. However, the update appears to have introduced several problems for users. Many iPhone owners are reporting issues with battery life, performance, and apps crashing after updating.

Excessive battery drain seems to be the most widely reported issue. Users who comfortably went through the day on a single charge before now find themselves needing to recharge their iPhones multiple times. This suggests the update is causing rapid power consumption even when the phone is idle.

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Performance has also taken a hit for some customers post-update. Apps are slow to launch and web pages fail to load in the Safari browser. The software seems to bog down phone performance rather than improve it.

Finally, a number of iPhone users have experienced frequent app crashes since updating to iOS 17.1.2. This points to possible software incompatibility issues. Developers may need time to update their apps to match changes in the latest iOS.

Users have attempted basic troubleshooting like restarting their devices and reinstalling apps without relief. For now, impacted users will likely need to wait for Apple to issue fixes for these widespread problems in an upcoming iOS update.

The update was intended to provide critical security patches. But the subsequent issues have left many iPhone users frustrated. Apple has yet to comment publicly on these reported problems or when fixes may arrive. So iPhone owners continue to endure battery, performance, and app stability problems following this latest iOS release.