Video bokeh is a blur effect on videos that gives an artistic and professional impression. This effect is very popularly used by content creators to improve the quality of their videos. There are lots of new iOS bokeh video applications that you can use to edit your videos.

What is Video Bokeh App?

Video bokeh app is a special mobile application used to add bokeh effects to videos. This application will automatically detect the foreground and background in the video, and then make the background blurry.

The bokeh effect itself is actually a photography term that refers to the blur technique in the background of a photo or video. The goal is to highlight the main object and separate it from the background.

So, by using the video bokeh app, you can easily apply this bokeh photography technique to the videos you make. The result is a video with a highly professional and artistic impression that will definitely improve the quality of your content.

5 Best iOS Bokeh Video Apps 2021

The following are 5 recommendations for the best iOS bokeh video app 2021 that you can use :

1. Focos

Focos is one of the popular bokeh video apps that you can use on your iPhone or iPad. This application uses advanced photographic computing technology to create a very natural bokeh effect.

Focos’ advantages include an intuitive interface, complete bokeh settings, 4K video support, and the ability to change the video background. Focos is also compatible with the latest dual camera iPhones such as the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

2. Fabby Look

The next application is Fabby Look. This is a sophisticated video editing app made by the well-known developer, Lightricks.

Fabby Look is equipped with various video filters, 3D effects, and of course cinematic bokeh effects which can make your video look like a Hollywood film. The Fabby Look interface is also very elegant and modern.

3. AfterFocus

If you want bokeh videos with super fast performance, AfterFocus could be the right choice. This application made by Samsung only takes a few seconds to add a bokeh effect to a video.

Apart from being fast, the bokeh results in AfterFocus also look very natural thanks to the AI-based object edge detection feature. AfterFocus is also compatible with a variety of iPhone and iPad models.

4. Blur Videos

Blur Videos is an advanced video editing application specifically for adding bokeh effects. This application provides a complete bokeh editor to adjust the blur level, shape and color of bokeh light, and background transparency.

Blur Video is highly recommended for those who want to get full control over setting the bokeh effect on videos. Blur Video is also compatible with 4K HDR video format.

5. Bokeh Lens

The final application worth trying is Bokeh Lens. This is advanced video editing software by Lens Distortion, a well-known photography application developer on the App Store.

Bokeh Lens provides 9 types of bokeh effects that you can combine with various color filters. You can also adjust the size and transparency of the bokeh light as you wish. The end result is a video with a stunning artistic background.

So, that’s a selection of the best iOS bokeh video applications in 2021 that you can use. All of the applications above provide top-class bokeh performance with various advantages of each.

How to Use the Bokeh Video Application

The way to use the bokeh video application is basically almost the same. The following is a general guide to editing bokeh videos using applications such as Focos, Fabby Look, or Blur Video:

  1. Open the bokeh video application, then select a video from the gallery or camera
  2. Adjust the position of the bokeh editor to suit the area you want to blur
  3. Slide the slider to adjust the background blur level
  4. Choose the shape, color and transparency of the bokeh light (optional)
  5. Preview the bokeh results to ensure there are no errors
  6. Save the edited video to the photo gallery
  7. Share bokeh videos to your favorite social media

The process is quite simple, right? Most importantly, you have to be careful when adjusting the position of the bokeh editor so that the blur matches the focus area of ​​the video.

Oh yes, several applications such as Blur Video and Bokeh Lens also provide manual bokeh editors. This gives you complete control over which areas of the video you want to blur. Of course, this method is more troublesome, but the bokeh results can be more accurate.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Bokeh Video Application

The following is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of using the bokeh video application:


  • Gives an artistic bokeh effect to videos
  • Make videos look more professional
  • Complete editing features in several applications
  • Can produce 4K bokeh videos
  • Fast process, just 1 click


  • Bokeh is less accurate on complex videos
  • Some paid apps are expensive
  • Wastes storage space and battery
  • The smartphone must be capable for maximum results
  • Less natural effect on low-end smartphones