iPodSoft Software

It's been a great ride, but most of the contributors to the iPodSoft website now have their own websites. So, instead of maintaining two locations for everything, we've decided to drastically scale back the iPodSoft website and now we simply will provide links here to the developers' own websites.

We thank everyone for visiting us throughout the years and please be sure to checkout more information about the various products below by visiting the developers' websites.

iGadget (aka PodPlus and iPod Agent)

iGadget (for Mac or Windows) lets you get your music off any iPod, iPhone or iPad as well as put news, text libraries and more onto it.

Take me to iGadget's website


iRepo (for Mac and Windows) is a very easy to use utility to recover songs and videos off your iPod, iPhone or iPad to your Mac/PC.

Take me to iRepo's website

Chapter Master

ChapterMaster, a tool to add permanent chapter stops and images to audiobooks, or to create enhanced podcasts.

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Markable gives you the ability to convert recordings from many audio formats including MP3, WAV, and Audio CD into an audiobook format your iPhone, iPad or iPod will understand.

Take me to MarkAble's website

Ivy Video Converter

Ivy is a video converter that can download videos from many popular online video sites and convert it for your iPod or Apple TV.

Download Ivy Video Converter | Visit Developer Website


TuneJack provides a very easy to use wizard to easily copy songs from any iPod, iPhone or iPad to your PC and/or iTunes.

Take me to TuneJack's website


iRingtunes (for Mac and Windows) allows you to easily create ringtones for your iPhone from any unprotected songs in your entire iTunes library.

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iArt allows you to download album art and lyrics for your iTunes library which can also be viewed on your iPod.

Download iArt | Visit Developer Website

Pod Player

With Pod Player you can listen to music on your iPod from any computer you plug it into, without the need for having iTunes installed.

Download Pod Player | Visit Developer Website