With the latest iOS 17.3 update, Apple has introduced a new default wallpaper called ‘Unity Bloom’ for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

The ‘Unity Bloom’ wallpaper features delicate flowers blooming together in soft pastel colors. According to Apple, it represents interconnectedness, harmony, and their vision of building technology that complements both humanity and nature.

To access the new wallpaper, iOS users can go to Settings > Wallpaper and tap on ‘Unity Bloom’ to preview it. Mac users can find it in System Preferences under Desktop & Screen Saver.

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The wallpaper is dynamic, transitioning from simple outlines on the lock screen to full vibrant colors when the display wakes up.

‘Unity Bloom’ requires iOS 17.3 and is compatible with iPhone XS and newer models, iPad 6th generation and later, iPad mini 5th generation and up, iPad Air 3 and newer, and various iPad Pro models.

With its soothing natural imagery, the wallpaper exemplifies Apple’s focus on creating an immersive user experience across its products and services. The new ‘Unity Bloom’ delivers a touch of spring, harmony, and positivity to Apple devices.