Be it real life or in the gaming world, who doesn’t like role-playing? If you are a true fan of the RPG genre and love traveling to fantasy worlds and feel like a superhero, try out the best Idle RPG games on iOS and enjoy games like never before.

Unlike other RPGs, these Idle RPG games are recent additions to the gaming industry and are a breed of role-playing itself. As the name implies, the major goal of the game is to sit idle. The longer you remain idle, the more points you will earn. Interesting, isn’t it?

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Ahead, we have listed the 5 best Idle RPG titles you shouldn’t miss at all. Pick any of them and kickstart a true role-playing journey.

What are Idle RPGs?

Before we jump into the list, let’s outline what RPG games are and what’s the buzz all about. These games follow the name and are all about sitting idle. Yes, you read it right. The beauty of the Idle RPGs is to remain idle to get rewards. Your character can wander aimlessly around the map and do nothing. The more you sit idle, the more points you will earn, and the better the chances of winning.

The 5 Best Idle RPG Games To Follow

Here’s a quick rundown of the 5 best Idle RPGs. All the games include intensive gameplay, stunning graphics, and incredible audio. Pick any of them and enjoy the experience of being idle. Let’s get into it.

  1. Mobile Legends: Adventure

Created by Moonton, this game is probably the most popular Idle RPG title and is something you shouldn’t miss. This game has interesting gameplay and exceptional graphics, making it worth adding to your collection. Moreover, the sound quality is high, and the game often gets updated on a daily basis to offer the best experience to gamers.

  • Forest Island

The second-best title is Forest Island. This game is all about expanding the natural habitats of your world. It comprises different biomes filled with beautiful wildlife and adorable creatures. Forest Island revolves around earning enough resources and points to continue expanding the rejuvenating nature. However, the only downside of the game is its ad-laden interface, which might interrupt the overall experience.

  • Egg Inc.

Ever wondered about having a chic farm? Well, you can bring your fantasy to life by adding this game to your app drawer. The major objective of the game is to expand your egg empire. The game packs random gifts and rewards.

  • Soda Dungeon

Another best Idle RPG title is Soda Dungeon. It’s all about fighting a battle that will eventually result in terrible destruction. However, the best part about the game is the fact that you are nothing but an adventurer whose job is to just observe what’s happening around you and earn points. Sounds great, isn’t it? Once the battle is over, you send those poor fools into a pantheon of monsters and enemies. The farther they get, the more items and money you’ll gain.

  • Fallout Shelter

Last but not least is the Fallout Shelter. This title might not be as popular as others on the list, but it’s actually a very good Idle RPG game at its core. It is a spin-off of survival simulation games and lets you manage your little Vault full of dwellers. All you have to do is send them to different missions and see what they are doing.


That’s all about the best Idle RPG games for iOS. These titles are ideal for those gamers who want to enjoy an epic adventure without putting in much effort. However, you must have to be very patient while playing these games.

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