Wondering which iPhone apps top the chart of the best-grossing apps on iPhone? Is your favorite option included in the list? Keep scrolling the page and get the answers to all these questions in a jiffy.

Ahead, we have outlined the 5 top-grossing iOS applications that not just entertain users but let developers earn big. These apps belong to different categories, including games, social networking, entertainment, and more. So, why wait? Read on and check the list here.

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The 5 Best Grossing Apps on iPhone

Without further delay, let’s get into the list of the 5 top-grossing iOS applications. The list is carefully created using various parameters, including downloads, revenue, and RPD. Shall we begin?

1.      Clash Royale

Let’s start with the highest-grossing app on iPhone – Clash Royale. We know you are surprised by the name, and so do we. Clash Royale might not fit everyone’s taste and preference, but still, it is one of the topmost-grossing apps of all time based on its Revenue, Download, and RPD.

It is a prominent game where you must use cards to battle. There’s a point system, and you must unlock chests of points and cards to carry on. It is a multiplayer game where you can challenge your friends and showcase your journey on your social media profile.

2.      Pokemon Go

Whether you are a gaming junkie or a casual player, Pokemon Go is something you should have tried at least once in your lifetime. The game is gaining exceptional popularity these days, and its gameplay is something that can bind you for hours.

According to the latest studies, this game was estimated to be making $1.6 million daily, making it the second highest-grossing iOS app of all time. The game is all about catching hidden Pokemon and resources without getting caught in trouble.

3.      PUBG

Another gaming app on the list is PUBG. Although the game has been around us for a while, it is still popular among players worldwide and is thus grossing way more than expected.

PUBG is a battle royale game that puts 100 players against each other. All you have to do is outplay your opponent and become the longest survivor to win the game.

4.      Game of War – Fire Age

The next top-grossing iOS application is the Game of War – Fire Age. While not everyone is enticed toward this title, it’s still garnering huge popularity among gamers. If you are in your teen years and looking for a strategy game, this title might be the best bet.

It is an MMO game where you have to dominate the kingdom using your strategy. It also offers you the ability to chat with other players.

5.      Netflix

We know most of the readers are waiting for this title, and here it is – Netflix. One of the leading streaming apps of all time, this OTT platform has widespread popularity among users.

The app contains endless movies, TV shows, web series, and everything you can imagine. Moreover, it offers flexible subscription features, so you can pay for the plan based on your requirements and budget.


That’s all for now. Be mindful that iOS grossing apps usually vary from one country to another; hence, we have just outlined the 5 basic options that have topped the chart lately. The rankings often go up and down on the basis of ratings, downloads, and overall revenue.

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