iOS is one of the most advanced and secure mobile operating systems in the world. However, this security comes at the cost of extensive restrictions that limit customization and access to advanced features. This is where jailbreaking comes in – it unlocks the full potential of iOS by removing these restrictions.

Dopamine is the latest semi-untethered jailbreak tool developed specifically for iOS 15 and iOS versions.

Let’s discuss what makes Dopamine special, how to install it, and the best tweaks and customizations it offers.

What is Dopamine Jailbreak?

Dopamine jailbreak is an upgraded version of the popular Fugu15 jailbreak. It retains Fugu15’s core functionality while resolving issues like the WiFi bug and lack of tweak injection support. Key features of Dopamine include:

  • Permanent signing – Thanks to integration with TrollStore, Dopamine can be permanently signed without needing to connect to a computer periodically. This is more convenient than tools like AltStore.
  • Semi-untethered – You’ll need to re-jailbreak after every reboot, but the process is quick and easy.
  • User-friendly UI – The intuitive user interface makes jailbreaking seamless even for beginners.
  • Extensive compatibility – Supports iOS 15.0 to iOS 15.0 – 16.6.

As a rootless jailbreak, Dopamine allows installing tweaks and themes while retaining high stability and security. Developed by the talented @opa334dev, it represents a major leap forward for the iOS jailbreak scene.

How to Install Dopamine Jailbreak

Thanks to TrollStore integration, installing Dopamine takes just a few minutes. Here is an easy step-by-step process:

  1. Install TrollStore from using Safari on your iOS device.
  2. Open in Safari and tap “Open with TrollStore”.
  3. Open TrollStore and tap Dopamine under “My Apps” to install it.
  4. Trust the Dopamine developer profile in Settings => General.
  5. Launch Dopamine and tap “Jailbreak” to complete the process.

Once your device reboots, you will see the Sileo package manager on your home screen. This allows browsing and installing tweaks to customize your jailbroken device.

Note: The latest version Dopamine iOS 2.0.5 is available. In order to make it work properly, enable Developer Mode and disable Lockdown Mode.

Top Tweaks for Dopamine Jailbreak on iOS 15 and iOS 16

The real power of Dopamine lies in the tweaks and customizations it unlocks. While the selection is currently limited due to the rootless nature of the jailbreak, there are already some amazing options:

Customization Tweaks

Tweaks like SnowBoard and Velvet let you theme icons, UI elements, fonts, and even the notification banners. You can truly make your iOS device feel unique with tailored visuals not possible otherwise.

Functionality Enhancements

PowerSelector and QuitAll add useful controls like quick reboot, safe mode, and closing all apps with one tap. ExiWall brings the stunning iOS 16 lock screen wallpaper depth effect to older devices.

Quality of Life Improvements

Tweaks like Ampere display the battery percentage in the status bar and let you customize battery icon colors. Neko offers per-app volume control, screen recording tools, and other handy utilities.


Dopamine jailbreak removes the shackles from iOS devices, offering customization and personalization at new heights. With robust device support across iOS 15 and iOS 16 versions, a polished user experience, and ever-expanding tweak catalog, it kicks off the next generation of iOS jailbreaking.