Experiencing WiFi hassles after updating your iPhone to the latest iteration? Well, you are not alone in the club, as plenty of customers have reported a similar issue lately. So, what happened to your WiFi after an update, and what exactly is triggering the error?

Here, we’ll find everything about the iOS 17 WiFi issues and how to resolve them for good. Keep scrolling the page to the end and follow the hacks cautiously. Let’s get into them.

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What Triggers iOS 17 WiFi Issues?

So, you have updated your iPhone, and your WiFi keeps on disconnecting when the screen is locked. Or does your WiFi lose network automatically? Well, the problem is widespread and needs immediate assistance.

However, before we sift through the solutions, it’s important to know the cause behind the error, as it helps you select the rightmost hack to fix it. Let’s have a look.

  • Incomplete update
  • A bad connection
  • Wrong password
  • Inappropriate mobile data settings
  • Restricted network settings

How to Fix iOS 17 WiFi Error?

Here’s a quick rundown of the possible solutions to fix the iOS 17 WiFi issues. Follow them carefully and get back to your network connection.

Disable/ Enable Ask to Join Networks

Here’s how to do it.

  • Open Settings and scroll down to WiFi.
  • Disable “Ask to Join Networks”.
  • Restart your iPhone and visit the Settings tab again.
  • Toggle to enable the Ask to Join Networks and let your device connect with the best WiFi nearby.

Reset Network Settings

It’s good to reset your network settings for once and see if this hack resolves the error. Sometimes, a simple reset can do the job for you. Read the instructions carefully and proceed further.

  • Open Settings > General.
  • Select Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • Finally, tap Reset and select Reset Network Settings.
  • Enter your iPhone passcode to confirm your choice.
  • Launch WiFi and see if your problem is resolved.

Disable WiFi Assist

Sometimes, the problem occurs due to the WiFi assist; hence, it’s good to turn it off and carry out things manually. WiFi Assist automatically switches your network source and helps you connect to the internet even if you have a poor connection.

But it might create a problem if it thinks your WiFi isn’t strong enough. Therefore, you must try disabling it and see if it improves the condition.

  • Go to Settings and scroll down to Cellular/ Mobile.
  • Locate WiFi Assist and toggle to disable it.

Check if your WiFi Router is Working

Have you done it all but still facing the error? It’s recommended to check the WiFi router and see if it’s working properly. Sometimes, the problem happens at the router’s end, and your iPhone has nothing to do with it.

Determine if you are facing a similar problem with other devices, and if so, consider switching off your router for a few minutes and turning it back on to see if it resolves the problem.


There you have it. iOS 17 WiFi Issues have become prevalent after updating your iPhone. But don’t worry, these are temporary and can be resolved using the methods listed above. Do you have any other queries about iOS 17? Share your problems in the comment section below, and we’ll assist you at the earliest.