Facing trouble with the iPhone Flashlight? Congratulations, as you have landed on the rightmost link to resolve the trouble. Follow the methods listed below, and don’t fumble in the dark if your iPhone’s flashlight stops working.

While it’s a massive hindrance and often frustrates users, especially if they need a flashlight in some dark place, the problem is temporary and can be eliminated using the simple solutions mentioned below. So, shall we begin?

Why iPhone’s Flashlight Stops Working?

Here’s why your flashlight might have stopped working.

  • Software glitch
  • Inappropriate power mode
  • Low battery

What Should I Do to Fix the iPhone Flashlight Not Working Problem?

Follow the methods below to fix the iPhone Flashlight not working trouble. Don’t worry; the problem is temporary, and you can easily get rid of it without putting in much legwork.

Make sure your iPhone is charged

Sometimes, the flashlight stops working due to a low battery. Hence, it’s important to make sure that your iPhone is fully charged. Your device might not support the feature if it doesn’t have enough battery. So, plug your iPhone into the charging socket and start charging the same to bring the flashlight back to life.

Disable the Low Power Mode

The second best solution to get rid of the iPhone Flashlight Not Working problem is to turn off the Low Power Mode. This mode is primarily activated to protect your iPhone’s battery from draining out. But while it saves your battery capacity, it might restrict you from using some of the iPhone’s features.

And unfortunately, the flashlight is one of those features that get disabled by this mode. Hence, turn off the Low Power Mode on your iPhone and fix the error. Here’s how to do so.

  • Go to the Settings > Select Battery
  • Toggle to turn off the Low Power Mode, and it’s done.

Remove the Flashlight icon from the Control Center

Are you still facing the iPhone Flashlight Not Working error? Worry not, and try removing the flashlight icon from the Control Center. Follow the instructions below to carry out the process.

  • Go to the Settings tab and select Control Center.
  • Click the Minus (-) button under the Included Controls option and tap Remove to confirm.
  • Wait for a few seconds, and add the icon again to the Control Center.
  • To add it back, you must navigate to the More Controls section and click the Plus icon, and it’s done.

Turn off your iPhone’s Camera

Sometimes, you face the iPhone Flashlight Not Working trouble owing to the camera app running in the background. In case you didn’t know, your camera’s flash function uses the same light as the flashlight and can hinder when you try to turn on the flashlight.

Therefore, it’s best to exit the Camera app and remove it from the background, too. Once done, consider turning on the flashlight and see if the hack works as intended.


We hope the guide has helped you know why your flashlight won’t turn on and how to get rid of the problem. iPhone’s flashlight has become an integral part of the users. Hence, don’t look further when you get stuck into the iPhone Flashlight Not Working trouble, and use the solutions above to remove it for good.