Monopoly Go is a popular mobile game for iOS and Android that brings the classic Monopoly board game to life. In order to move around the board and purchase properties, players need dice rolls. While dice rolls regenerate slowly over time, there are several ways to obtain free dice rolls and speed up gameplay.

Methods To Get Free Dice Rolls in Monopoly Go for iOS

Follow Official Social Media for Giveaways

The developers at Scopely regularly run dice roll giveaways and contests on the official Monopoly Go social media pages. Following their accounts is the easiest way to discover opportunities for free dice:

  • Facebook –
  • Twitter – @MonopolyGoGame
  • Instagram – @MonopolyGo
  • Discord –

These giveaways provide dice rolls ranging from 50 to 200+ for free. The catch is that they are only available for short periods of time. So enable notifications and check frequently for chances to enter contests and claim rewards.

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Level Up Your Account for Dice Rewards

Simply playing Monopoly Go often can unlock more avenues for earning dice rolls.

At the start, players receive one free dice roll every five minutes, up to 30 times. But as your account levels up through consistent gameplay over days and weeks, both the speed and limit increases.

Once you reach level 15 for example, the regenerate rate improves to one free roll every two minutes. Higher levels also raise the limit from 30 rolls to 50, 80, and 100+ over time.

So while requires patience, leveling up organically through regular play rewards you with exponentially more free dice in the long run.

Redeem Shared Dice Links

Official Monopoly Go social media accounts occasionally share links that directly give dice rolls.

To redeem these, you first need to reach at least level 15. This unlocks the Albums features which is required to claim the rewards.

Once you meet this criteria, tap the dice link from your iOS device when advertised on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This will open the Monopoly Go app and award the promised dice rolls without needing to enter codes.

Using dice links gives between 50-100+ free dice rolls generally. So stay active on social channels to catch these opportunities before expiry.

Earn Rolls by Inviting Friends

Referring friends to download and play Monopoly Go can provide batches of free dice rolls.

In the app, navigate to the friends tab and select Invite. You can invite via text, email or social media by tapping the relevant icon.

For every 3 friends that accept your invite and install the game, you get 50 free dice rolls. There does not seem to be a limit, so invite widely to maximize free dice.


With strategic leveling up of your account, following social media announcements and referring friends – you can amass free Monopoly Go dice rolls faster than the normal regeneration rate. This lets you move around the board rapidly, purchase properties in a blitz and build hotels for income. Apply these tips diligently for best results!

The key is persistence through regular gameplay and community involvement. But the reward of free dice makes progressing in Monopoly Go much smoother. If you know any other way to get free dice rolls on Monopoly Go on mobile, share with us in the comment box.