Emojis have become an integral part of digital communication in recent years. The cute and colorful icons help convey emotions and add fun to conversations. However, iOS and Android have different sets of default emojis, which can cause confusion or miscommunication when messaging between platforms. If you prefer the look of iOS emojis, there are several methods to get iOS emoji copy and paste functionality on your Android device.

Methods to Get iOS Emojis on Android

Here are the top 4 methods to enable iOS emoji copy and paste on your Android phone:

1. Install a Third-Party Keyboard App

The easiest way is to install a third-party emoji keyboard app from the Google Play Store. Popular options include:

  • Green Apple Keyboard: Provides a keyboard with iOS emoji designs. Easy to enable as your default keyboard.
  • iOS Emojis: Replaces many default Android emoji designs with iOS ones. Offers some customization.
  • SwiftKey: A full-featured keyboard app that includes an iOS emoji addon pack.

To install, simply search for the app in the Play Store, download it, and enable it as your default keyboard. Then you’ll have iOS emojis accessible right from your keyboard.

2. Use an Emoji Font App

If your Android OS allows font customization, you can install apps like Emoji Fonts 10 that replace the system font with one containing iOS emoji designs.

To use:

  • Install Emoji Fonts 10 from the Play Store
  • Go to Settings > Display > Font Size and Style
  • Tap on “Font Style” and select Emoji Fonts 10
  • The new font containing iOS emojis will be applied

Note: This method only works if your Android OS supports font changes. It does not work on Android 12.

3. Root Your Android Device

Rooting gives you administrative access to the Android system, so you can install a Magisk module like iOS Emojis Magisk Module that replaces the default emoji font file with an iOS one.

The steps are:

  1. Install Magisk Manager
  2. Download and Install iOS Emojis Magisk Module
  3. Reboot your device
  4. You will now have system-wide iOS emojis

Warning: Rooting can be risky and void your device warranty if done incorrectly. Attempt with caution and only if you’re comfortable with technical modding procedures.

4. Use WhatsApp

Apps like WhatsApp have their own set of emojis and don’t use your system default ones. WhatsApp has an emoji design that is very close to the iOS version.

So, while messaging in WhatsApp, you will see iOS-style emojis automatically. No special apps or settings required!

The only catch is that the iOS emojis will only be visible within WhatsApp, not other apps.

5. Use Websites

There are several websites where they have iOS emoji and users can easily copy and paste them.

You just need to find search for iOS emoji online and select the first website in the search engine. Copy the emoji that you would like to use and paste wherever you want to use.


Getting iOS emoji designs on Android may require using third-party apps or mods, but brings consistency when messaging friends on iPhone. The easiest options are installing a custom keyboard app or using WhatsApp’s built-in emoji set. With a simple setup, you can conveniently copy and paste iOS emojis into all your digital conversations.