Ever wondered about capturing the solar eclipse? Trust me, you are not alone in the club, as multiple iPhone users have tried the same until now. So here the question arises – Can you photograph the eclipse with your phone’s camera, or is it simply not possible?

Keep scrolling the page and find out more about capturing solar eclipse from iPhone 15. The guide will walk you through the possibility of photographing the eclipse and will make you aware of the step-by-step instructions.

Can you capture a Solar Eclipse from an iPhone 15?

Let’s answer the most anticipated question – can you capture the solar eclipse? And trust me, the question makes sense. And thankfully, the answer is Yes, you can. But hold your horses, as the surprise awaits.

While it’s feasible to capture solar eclipses on your smartphone, it’s vital to know its limitations. First of all, the sun might not appear sufficiently large on your phone screen, and that’s quite expected. If you capture the solar eclipse with a smartphone, the sun appears teeny tiny on the screen.

Secondly, capturing the solar eclipse requires you to step out of your house and see directly toward the sun, which is strictly not recommended. Solar radiation can severely damage your retina; hence, conventional glasses don’t offer sufficient protection. Hence, if you want to capture a solar eclipse from your iPhone 15, you must limit the transmission of sunlight to less than 0.00032% and cover both eyes.

What are the precautions to take when capturing solar eclipse?

Capturing solar eclipse from an iPhone is possible, but you should have the right kit and know how to get pro-level photographs. There is no shortage of professional equipment that may help you photograph the sun.

Also, do not try to take a photo of the moment of totality. If you try to record the moment manually, you will look at the screen rather than enjoy the experience.

  • It’s good to put your iPhone on a tripod and shoot a time-lapse.
  • Afterward, you can enjoy the whole experience and take screenshots of your favorite still shot.

What do you need to shoot the solar eclipse?

Again, the question is – what do you need to shoot the eclipse? A list of a few vital things are mentioned below.

  • Technically, you need an eclipse glass to give your iPhone less exactly the same protection you give your own eyes. Choose the rightmost eclipse glass that ensures both CE and ISO certification.
  • The second thing you need is a tripod. Simply buy a low-cost iPhone adaptor and stand it on the ground to attach the phone.

How to photograph a solar eclipse on iPhone 15?

The only method to photograph the solar eclipse is to shoot a time-lapse on your iPhone. Here’s how to do so.

  1. Open the Camera app and scroll down to the Time-Lapse option on the left.
  2. Press the record button to start.
  3. Once done, use the same button to stop. And that’s it.
  4. The iPhone will automatically adjust the length of the clip to give you a time-lapse of around 30 seconds.
  5. Besides, the iPhone automatically adjusts the exposure to give you pro-quality footage.


That’s all about how to photograph the solar eclipse on iPhone 15. Remember to always use the eclipse glass; otherwise, you can damage your eyesight if view the eclipse with the naked eye. Time Lapse is simple and can help you shoot your favorite solar eclipse moments on the go.

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