Hola, Manga lovers!! Being a Manga enthusiast is tough, right? While Manga and Anime have gained all eyes and ears these days, finding their content on the internet is still a matter of discussion. There’s no particular website or platform that helps you stream their content without ads or distractions.

So, are you tired of searching for your favorite Manga on the internet and wondering how to stream the content on your iOS device? Stop looking further and move to the Tachiyomi App right now. It is a one-stop destination to enjoy your favorite Manga and other comics for free.

But here the question arises – Is Tachiyomi available for iOS devices? Or Can you use it to stream your favorite Manga content on your iPhone? Keep reading the page and get all your answers on the go.

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A Quick Glimpses into Tachiyomi

So, what’s Tachiyomi all about? Do you have any clue about this Manga streaming site, or are you just following the crowd? Before we glide into the download and usage steps, let’s first outline the basic info about Tachiyomi and learn what it’s all about.

Tachiyomi came into existence in 2016 and was launched by Inorochi. It is an excellent Manga stream app that contains a massive amount of Manga collection and other comics to entertain viewers from across the globe.

The app also comprises a large collection of Vintage Manga as well as new editions to attract Manga lovers of all tastes and preferences. Please be mindful that Tachiyomi isn’t affiliated with any Manga sites and doesn’t contain any Manga-related material. It is simply a Manga reading app where you can find Manga content for free.

How to use Tachiyomi on iOS?

Let’s get to the most anticipated question of all time – How to use Tachiyomi on iOS? However, my question is slightly different from users – Is Tachiyomi available on iOS? We all know that Tachiyomi is an Android-exclusive application; hence, its availability on iPhones and iPads is still a matter of doubt for many users.

Therefore, before we check how to use Tachiyomi on iOS, let’s find out if it is available on your iPhones and iPads. And to your surprise, the answer is NO. Yes, you read it right. The app is not available on iPhones and iPads; however, some sources still claim to offer the download link, which is not at all legitimate and recommended.

Developers have never released this app for iPhone users, or you can say the app has never succeeded in the App Store’s rules and regulations. Therefore, you cannot download Tachiyomi on iOS.

Is it safe to get Tachiyomi on iOS from third-party apps?

No, not really. Plenty of third-party apps claim to offer the Tachiyomi download link, but we personally recommend not to use those links and download this Manga app on your iOS device. The third-party links are prone to malicious activities and can put your device security at stake.

Alternatively, users can opt for Tachiyomi alternatives and enjoy the Manga content and other famous comics on their smartphones. Let’s have a look.

  • Paperback Manga Reader
  • YAC Reader
  • Aidoku
  • MANGA Plus
  • ComiXology


At last, we conclude the guide by saying that not all glitters are gold, and here, the glitters refer to fake download links that motivate you to get the Tachiyomi on iOS. If you are a hardcore Manga lover, it’s better to switch to the Tachiyomi alternatives and enjoy Manga content for free.

That’s all for now. If you have any queries related to the concept, please get in touch with us, and we’ll look into the matter at the earliest.