As someone who loves taking photos and videos with my iPhone 15, I was excited to learn I could connect an SD card reader to import media directly from my camera. With the iPhone 15’s new USB-C port, I can easily hook up accessories like card readers.

I did some research and got my hands on a USB-C equipped SD card reader. After testing it out with my iPhone 15, I’m happy to report the process of viewing and transferring files from the SD card is smooth and seamless.

In this post, I’ll walk through how I connected the card reader to my iPhone 15 and accessed the contents of the SD card using the Files app. I’ll also share some tips I learned along the way to ensure compatibility and proper use of the reader.

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What You’ll Need

  • iPhone 15
  • SD card reader with USB-C connector
  • Supported SD card (FAT32 or exFAT format)
  • Connect the Reader

How to Connect an SD Card Reader to Your iPhone 15

  1. First, insert your SD card into the card reader slot. Make sure it is inserted properly and locked in place.
  2. Next, plug the USB-C connector on the card reader into the USB-C port on your iPhone 15. The fit should be snug.
  3. If you have a case on your iPhone 15, you may need to remove it first before connecting the reader.

How To View SD Card Contents from Your iPhone 15

Once connected, open the Files app on your iPhone 15. Tap “Browse” at the bottom and select your SD card reader under “Locations.”

You can now view folders and files stored on the SD card through the Files app. Transfer files by dragging and dropping them.

A Few Tips

  • Don’t force the SD card into the reader slot. It fits only one way.
  • The SD card must be FAT32 or exFAT formatted.
  • Use a certified Made for iPhone (MFi) reader for ensured compatibility.
  • Eject and unplug the reader properly when done transferring files.

So there you have it – with the right USB-C equipped card reader, you can easily access and transfer files from an SD card to your iPhone 15 for additional storage and flexibility.

Wrapping Up

That was so easy-peasy! Right? I hope you read the article carefully and now aware of the process to connect SD Card Reader the iPhone 15 model and easily transfer media files. If you have enjoyed the article, share your feedback in the comment box.