iOS 17 introduced a fun new way to customize how your contact information is shared from your iPhone. You can now create a personalized Contact Poster to represent your info when connecting with friends and family. Contact Posters display a customized photo, name, and other details when you call someone. Here is how to make your Contact Poster unique using photos, Memoji, fonts, colors, and more.


Before customizing your Contact Poster, make sure:

  • You’re signed in to your iPhone with your Apple ID
  • Your contact card in the Contacts app has your name and phone number
  • You’re updated to iOS 17

Step #1: Access Contact Poster Editor

First, open the Contacts app and tap your profile card at the top. Then:

  • Tap “Contact Photo & Poster”
  • Tap Edit
  • Tap Add to create a new poster

This will open the editor to customize your poster.

Step #2: Select Poster Style

You’ll now see poster style options. Choose from:

  • Photo – Use an existing or new photo
  • Memoji – Make an animated emoji of yourself
  • Monogram – Initials on a colored background

We’ll select Photos here. Suggested photos from your library will appear.

Step #3: Customize Image

Tap a photo to select it. Now you can:

  • Swipe through filters to change the look
  • Tap the color icon to edit the background
  • Adjust background brightness
  • Drag sliders to fine-tune colors

Find an effect you like before moving on.

Step #4: Edit Name

Tap your name, then:

  • Select a font style
  • Adjust font weight with the slider
  • Change font color
  • Modify the shade with the color slider

Step #5: Add Finishing Touches

Don’t forget small details like:

  • Emoji in your name or captions
  • Fun text like your nickname
  • Your job title or company name

These finishing touches give your poster an extra personal flair.

Step #6: Preview and Confirm

Once you’re happy with the design, tap Done to preview. Tap Continue to confirm.

You’ll be prompted to update your contact photo. Use the same one as your poster, or change it.

Manage Sharing

Finally, control sharing under Name & Photo Sharing:

  • Share automatically with all contacts
  • Share individually when messaging new people
  • Change settings anytime

And that’s it. You’ve customized an expressive Contact Poster. Explore more iPhone features for endless personalization.