Want to share your current whereabouts with your near and dear ones? Wondering where to begin the process? Don’t freak out, as you have landed on the rightmost place to find the details.

Location sharing has always been an integral part of iPhones; however, Apple has improved this feature a lot with the iOS 17 update. Users can now control who can view their location and for how long. Interesting, isn’t it?

If you want to share your coordinates with your family and friends and need help figuring out the steps, this guide is for you. Continue scrolling the page and find everything you need to know about the location-sharing feature on iOS 17.

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What’s new in Location Sharing in iOS 17?

Before we find out how to share your current location with others on iOS 17, let’s map out the improvements you can expect with the new update.

First of all, the new iteration of iOS allows users to manage who can see their coordinates, thus adding a personalized touch to the overall data sharing. Secondly, users can also decide for how long a person can view the location and that too beforehand. What else do you need?

Furthermore, the new update offers multiple ways to share your location, thus allowing you to get connected with your near and dear ones easily.

How to Share Your Location in Messages?

Wondering how to share your whereabouts in messages? Follow the steps below and get it done in the shortest possible time.

  1. Launch the Messaging app and tap on the conversation where you want to share the location.
  2. Click the Plus icon and select Location.
  3. Ensure your location is sourced carefully. If it isn’t detected, check your Location permissions to restart the Messages app.
  4. Select Share once you are ready to share your coordinates with the selected person.
  5. As soon as you click the Share button, you will find three options to choose from. These are Indefinite, Until the End of the Day, and For One Hour.
  6. Select any of these options based on your choice, and the location is now added to the message.
  7. Tap the Send icon, and it’s done.

How to Request Someone’s Location on iOS 17?

Yes, you read it right. In iOS 17, you can not just share your whereabouts but also request others’ locations if required. Here’s how to do so.

  1. Open the Messages app and select the conversation whose location you want to get.
  2. Click the Plus icon and tap Location.
  3. There, you will find the option of Request, besides Share.
  4. Tap the Request button and click the Send icon to share the location request.
  5. The concerned contact will then respond with a message or location based on his choice.


That’s all about sharing your location with others in iOS 17. Do you find our guide interesting? Please share your feedback with us in the comments below and share your doubts, if any. iOS 17 has brought several new features to entice Apple users, and location-sharing is one of them. So, wait no further and let your loved ones know about your coordinates with a swipe of your fingertips.