The Contacts app on iPhone has a useful feature that allows you to create a virtual card that you can easily share with others. This “My Card” contains your name, phone number, email address, and even a custom photo or memoji that shows up when you call or message someone.

Setting up My Card is easy and only takes a few minutes. Here is how to create your own My Card on iPhone using iOS 17.

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Step 1: Access Contacts and Tap on Your Name

First, open the Contacts app on your iPhone. Swipe to the very top of your contacts list and tap on your own name and profile photo. This will open up your contact details.

Step 2: Turn on Contact Sharing

Next, make sure “Name and Photo Sharing” is enabled. Switch to “Contacts Only” in the “Share Automatically” options so that your contacts can see your contact poster whenever you call them if they have iOS 17 or later installed.

Step 3: Tap Edit to Customize Your Card

Now tap on the Edit button in the upper right corner. This will allow you to customize the photo, name format, and more for your shared contact.

Step 4: Create a Custom Photo Poster

Under the Contact Poster section, tap on Customize if available. Otherwise, swipe left through the options until you reach Create New. Here you can make a customized visual poster with your photo, name, emojis, and more.

Follow the on-screen instructions to create your poster. Add filters (by swiping), customize the text, and other flourishes to your liking. Tap Done when finished.

Step 5: Select a Contact Photo

You’ll then be prompted to select a contact photo. Choose an existing photo from your library or take a new selfie. You can also select just your initials or a Memoji avatar.

Step 6: Preview and Save Your Card

Once your selections are made, you’ll see a preview of your new contact card. Make sure it looks how you want, then tap Done.

Your My Card is now set up! When people add you to their Contacts, this customized card will appear.

When you call someone who has installed iOS 17 and iMessage enabled, they will see this contact poster. They will also receive all this information saved in your card if you Name Drop them.

Important Things to Remember

  • To edit your My Card later, just open Contacts, tap your name and hit Edit.
  • You can also create customized contact posters for others in your Contacts list if you want to override their default.
  • When people with iPhones add you to their Contacts, they will automatically get your My Card info.
  • For non-iPhone users, you can set their contact posters on your iPhone.
  • Ensure your My Card contains your preferred contact methods and the most up-to-date info.

Setting up a My Card in Contacts is an easy way to present a professional, customized image to anyone who interacts with you on your iPhone. With iOS 17, it’s simpler than ever to make and share your own virtual business card from your phone. Follow the steps above to set yours up today!