KeePass is a popular open-source password manager that allows users to securely store passwords and other sensitive information in an encrypted database. However, KeePass does not have an official iOS app. So how can you use KeePass passwords on your iPhone or iPad?

There are a few good options for KeePass users on iOS, including apps like KeePassium, Strongbox, and KeePass Touch. While not officially endorsed by the KeePass project, these apps provide ways to access and sync KeePass databases on iOS devices.

Let’s take look at the best options for using KeePass on iOS, including features, security, pricing, and ease of use.

Top KeePass Apps for iOS


KeePassium is one of the most full-featured and user-friendly KeePass apps available for iOS. It has a clean, intuitive interface and supports key features like:

  • AutoFill for login credentials
  • Face ID / Touch ID unlock
  • Automatic syncing with cloud storage services
  • TOTP support
  • Attachments & custom icons
  • Dark mode

KeePassium is also focused on privacy and security. It uses native iOS encryption and keychain services for storing passwords. And as open source software, its code can be audited by anyone.

The app offers one-time purchase pricing at $14.99 after a free 7-day trial. This makes it more affordable long-term compared to subscription options.


Strongbox is another excellent KeePass app for iOS, with advanced security protections and power user features. It supports:

  • Face ID / Touch ID login
  • TOTP tokens
  • YubiKey integration
  • Encrypted cloud sync
  • Password generator
  • Custom fields

Strongbox also provides a database merge feature to handle sync conflicts across devices. And it has an open source codebase for transparency.

Strongbox is free to download and try with some limitations. A premium upgrade is available via in-app purchase for $14.99.

KeePass Touch

KeePass Touch takes a simpler approach focused primarily on basic password management. It allows you to:

  • Access KeePass databases
  • View, edit, create passwords
  • Auto-copy passwords
  • Open linked websites
  • Generate passwords

Sync is manual through services like Dropbox or WiFi file transfer. And there is no autofill or TOTP support. But the app is easy to use and affordable at $7.99.

Syncing KeePass Databases on iOS

A key consideration with KeePass iOS apps is how you will sync your password database between devices.

None of the KeePass apps for iOS provide native cloud sync. But they can integrate with common services like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, and WebDAV.

The easiest option is to store your main KeePass database file in a synced cloud folder. Then use the same cloud service in your iOS app. This will allow automatic syncing of updated databases across your devices.

For local WiFi sync, apps like KeePass Touch also support importing databases from iOS file sharing services like Files or iTunes.

Security Considerations

An important question when using third-party KeePass apps is how much you can trust them with your sensitive data.

The good news is that apps like KeePassium and Strongbox use the native iOS encryption, keychain, and biometric authentication (Face ID/Touch ID) to help keep your passwords secure.

Having open source code for transparency is also key. This allows independent security researchers to audit the apps for potential issues.

Of course, you still have to place some trust in developers building on an open platform like KeePass. But popular iOS apps that have been around for years without major incidents can provide reasonable assurance.


While there is no official KeePass app from the original developers, iOS options like KeePassium and Strongbox provide great functionality and security. Both apps are mature, open source projects that integrate tightly with iOS for encrypted sync and access.

KeePass Touch offers a simpler free alternative focused on basic password management. And apps like AuthPass or KyPass 4 provide other options as well.

So with the right app choice, iOS users can safely access KeePass just like on other platforms. File sync through cloud storage allows seamless database access across devices. And native encryption, keychain, and biometric login keep KeePass passwords secure on iPhones and iPads.