Blocking ads on Windows and Android is quite easy as there are many browser extensions and apps that blocks ads on all websites including YouTube. One of the browser extension and app in this category is uBlock Origin. However, this app is not available iOS App Store.

Can you install uBlock Origin on your iPhone using sideloading techniques? Let me show everything you need to know about installing and using uBlock Origin on iOS.

Why uBlock Origin is Not Available on iOS

Many users wonder if they can also install uBlock Origin on their iPhones and iPads to block ads and annoyances in Safari or other iOS browsers. Unfortunately, uBlock Origin is not available on iOS and cannot be installed on Safari or any other iOS browser.

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This is because of restrictions imposed by Apple on iOS that prevent extensions and add-ons like uBlock Origin from being installed. Unlike desktop browsers, Safari and other third-party iOS browsers do not support extensions.

Apple introduced the Content Blocker API in iOS 9 which allows developers to create apps that can block ads and trackers in Safari. However, Content Blockers have limitations in what they can block compared to desktop ad blockers like uBlock Origin.

uBlock Origin Alternatives for iOS

There are several other options that allow you to block ads on your iPhone.

Use a Content Blocker App

Apps like AdGuard and 1Blocker are designed specifically as content blockers for Safari on iOS. They can block many ads, trackers and malware. However, they have limitations compared to uBlock Origin on desktop browsers. They cannot block YouTube video ads or erase ad frames completely.

Use Third-Party iOS Browsers

Some third-party browsers like Orion and Brave have built-in ad blocking that can help block ads and trackers. But their blocking capabilities are still more limited compared to desktop uBlock Origin.

Use a DNS Service

Services like AdGuard DNS and NextDNS allow iOS users to block ads and trackers by routing DNS requests through their servers. This blocks ads system-wide instead of just in the browser. But they do not offer the advanced custom filters of uBlock Origin.

Use a VPN

Some VPN services can block ads, trackers and malware by filtering traffic at the network level. This also works system-wide. However, it does not allow the custom filters of uBlock Origin and can conflict with other DNS-based blockers.

Final Words

Safari and other browsers on iOS still lack the extension support that enables powerful ad blockers like uBlock Origin to work their magic on desktop platforms.

Hopefully, Apple will reconsider its restrictive policies in the future to provide iOS users with more choice and control in blocking unwanted content. This could bring the functionality of uBlock Origin to mobile Safari.

In the meantime, iOS users have to make do with Content Blocker apps and DNS/VPN-based solutions if they want to block ads and trackers – even if these options fall short of uBlock Origin in capability. So, the answer is: no, uBlock Origin is not currently available on iOS.