Apple released the new iOS 17.1.1 update to fix Apple Pay and NFC not working on iPhone 15 models. Also, this update brings weather lock screen widgets with snow which was also not displaying snow. On the other hand, this update also raised an issue as many users started complaining about iOS 17.1.1 battery drain.

If you have also noticed your iPhone battery life draining fast after iOS 17.1.1, You’re definitely not alone. We have covered this full article with every reason and solution for the battery drain issue on iOS 17.1.1 update on iPhone.

What Are iOS 17.1.1 Battery Drain Issues?

After updating to the latest major iOS release, it’s normal to experience some battery irregularities in the first few days. There’s various background tasks and optimizations going on under the hood as your iPhone adapts to the new OS that momentarily places extra strain on your battery.

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Symptoms of iOS 17.1.1 battery problems include:

  • Faster than normal battery drain
  • Shortened time between charges
  • Slow charging or device heating up

These issues typically resolve themselves within 72 hours as the update process finishes. However, if you still have battery drain problems persisting days later, another factor is likely to blame.

Reasons For iOS 17.1 Battery Life Problems

1. Buggy or Incompatible Apps

The #1 culprit behind rapid iOS battery drain is usually apps. especially those containing bugs, memory leaks or known compatibility issues with iOS versions.

Constant app crashes, freezes, and other instabilities can overwhelm your iPhone’s resources leading to the battery working overtime. Check your battery usage stats to see if any apps consume excessive energy.

2. Location Services Overuse

Constant locations requests in the background by apps can place strain on your battery. Disable location access for apps that don’t need it. iOS 17.1.1 also has a bug causing Location Services to draw extra power.

3. Display and 5G Connectivity

Between the vibrant Super Retina XDR displays and fast 5G connectivity of new iPhone models, these hardware enhancements demand more energy. Use Dark Mode and disable 5G when not needed to scale back battery drain where possible.

How To Fix iOS 17.1.1 Battery Life Issues

Now that you know what’s likely behind the rapid battery drain, here are actionable troubleshooting tips:

Close All Open Apps

Double tap your Home button and swipe up on all apps to force close them. This eliminates any software instabilities. Only reopen apps as you need them to isolate any particular battery draining offenders.

Update Outdated Apps

Download all your apps’ latest versions from the App Store. Developers release regular bug fixing and optimization updates. Upgrading apps maximizes both performance and battery efficiency.

Reset All Settings

Resetting all settings often resolves software conflicts causing battery issues. Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset All Settings. You may need to reconfigure your settings afterwards but this troubleshooting step works wonders.

Turn Off Background App Refresh

Having apps constantly refreshing content in the background contributes to battery drain. Under Settings, turn off Background App Refresh for apps that don’t need it. Twitter, Facebook, news apps typically are the worst offenders.

Factory Reset Your iPhone

If all else fails, your last resort is to factory reset your iPhone back to a clean state. This gives you a fresh iOS install eliminating any problematic files that may be plaguing your battery life. Just be sure to backup your iPhone first!

Wrapping Up

We tried our best to give every reason and solution for fixing the iOS 17.1.1 battery drain problem. We hope you follow each solution and fix the issue. If you have enjoyed the article, share your feedback in the comment box.