Sokxay Plus is a popular mobile app for checking Lao lottery results. With the craze for online lottery growing rapidly, many users wonder if they can download Sokxay Plus on their iPhones.

What Is Sokxay Plus?

Sokxay Plus is an official mobile app developed by SOKXAY IT DEVELOPMENT SOLE CO.,LTD for Android devices. It allows users to:

  • Check Lao lottery results
  • Get notifications when results are announced
  • Verify if their ticket has won any prize
  • Recharge phones, pay utility bills etc.

The app provides a simple and intuitive interface to easily navigate and find lottery results. It is free to download on the Google Play Store and does not contain any ads.

Can I Download Sokxay Plus on iPhone?

Unfortunately, Sokxay Plus is not available for download on iOS devices as it is not listed on the Apple App Store.

Apple has a stringent app review process and developers need to get their apps approved before making them available for iPhones and iPads. It seems the developers of Sokxay Plus have not created an iOS version or submitted it for Apple’s review yet.

So iPhone users cannot install Sokxay Plus directly from the App Store on their devices. There is also no way to sideload the Android .apk file of Sokxay Plus on iOS.

Why Sokxay Plus is Not Available on iOS

There are a few reasons why Sokxay Plus app has not been launched for iPhones and iPads yet:

  • Development Costs: Creating an iOS app involves additional development effort and costs compared to Android apps. The developers may have focused on the Android version first before investing in an iOS variant.
  • App Review Process: Apple has an extensive app review process that ensures quality and security standards. Getting through this process requires time and effort.
  • Focus on Android First: Since Android dominates market share in Laos, the developers likely focused on that platform first before expanding to iOS.
  • Technical Challenges: There may be technical hurdles in developing for iOS platform that the developers have not sorted out yet.

Alternative Ways to Check Lao Lottery Results on iPhone

Although you cannot download Sokxay Plus on your iPhone currently, there are a couple of alternative options to check Lao lottery results:

1. Use the Official Website

The official Lao lottery website provides updated results for all lottery draws. You can simply access this website from your iPhone’s browser to view results. However, it is not as convenient as having a dedicated app.

2. Try Other Lottery Apps

There are some other lottery apps on the App Store that cover worldwide lottery results, including Laos. For example, LotteryChecker, LottoGo etc. You can install these apps to get Lao lottery results on your iPhone. But they may not be as focused on Laos or offer local language support.

3. Use Sokxay Plus on the Web

Some Android apps like Sokxay Plus also have mobile-optimized websites that can be easily accessed from an iPhone’s browser. If Sokxay Plus has such a site, you can add it to your home screen and access lottery results that way.


Sokxay Plus mobile app is an Android exclusive app as of now. It is not listed on the Apple App Store, so iPhone users do not have the option to download and install it on their devices.

The app may come to iOS in the future once the developers work on building an iPhone-compatible version and get Apple’s approval. For now, iOS users can access Lao lottery results through the official website or other lottery apps on the App Store.