iOS 17 has set a benchmark even before launching officially. It offers a diverse array of user-oriented features and improvements that will definitely make your iPhone experience better and more engaging. While Apple has already rolled out its beta version, users are anxiously waiting for the stable version to launch so that they can make the most of it.

iOS 17 packs a punch of features that will surely change your perspective toward this operating system. While StandBy and FaceTime reactions have already garnered attention and popularity, there are plenty of other lesser-known features that will keep you enthralled. So, don’t wait any longer and scroll through the iOS 17 features list to see what this version has in store for you.

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What’s new in iOS 17?

iOS 17 is all set to bring multiple new additions and improvements to enhance your everyday iOS experience. From personalizing your phone calls to listening to voicemails in real time to making your iPhone a digital gadget, this iOS version has everything to surpass all its counterparts and previous updates.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the list of the best and newest iOS 17 features you can expect. Here we go.

1.      Message Enhancements

Let’s start with the basics. iOS 17 has made multiple changes to the Messages app, which is quite unexpected. As soon as you update your device to iOS 17, you can make creative Live Stickers accessible throughout different parts of the system, especially where Markup is available.

Besides, it has updated search filters to find the messages faster and narrow your search in no time. You can move to the first message you haven’t seen in a conversation with the catch-up arrow. Swipe right on any message to send a reply. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Hold on, the update isn’t over yet. iMessage sheet will get a new design with this update so you can enjoy a different yet exciting messaging experience. And for those who can’t listen to a voice note, a transcription of the message is now included. What else do you need?

2.      StandBy Mode

It is one of the leading features iOS 17 is currently known for. StandBy mode has made this new update much more desirable and worthy. It is all about turning your iPhone into a smart digital gadget, so you can make the best of your investment while the phone is plugged in. All you have to do is plug in the device and keep it in landscape mode. The device will then surface relevant information and widgets, including the time, photos, weather, calendar, and more. It will automatically switch to a dimmer, red interface that is gentler on the eyes.

3.      FaceTime update

One of the most hyped features people are going crazy over is FaceTime reactions and the ability to leave a message when someone misses your call. These reactions fill the camera frame with fun 3D AR effects, like fireworks, confetti, etc., while allowing you to express your feelings and making Facetime calls much more interactive. And the best part is that you can share the reaction with just a hand gesture.

Don’t worry if someone has missed your call, leave a recorded audio or video message so that they can find out the purpose of calling.

4.      Link iPhone to Apple TV

Who doesn’t like viewing their phone content on the TV? With iOS 17, you can easily link your device to the Apple TV and initiate FaceTime calls on the TV. An iOS device uses the Continuity Camera to serve as the camera for the FaceTime call. It also supports Center Stage Framing, thus transferring calls between an iOS device and the TV in seconds.

5.      Easy Location Sharing

Location Sharing has been made simpler with iOS 17. Users can now share their whereabouts and update the same in real-time in the conversation. It works with a Check-In feature that tells a friend or family that you’ve arrived at the destination safely. Besides, your contact can also see your iPhone’s location, battery level, and cellular status to evaluate if you need help.

6.      Improved Auto-Correct

No matter how carefully you type your emails or messages, mistakes are part and parcel of our knowledge, and we are bounded to commit them. Hence, Apple has improved the auto-correct feature with the new update by adding a new machine-learning model. It completes entire sentences with inline predictions, thus finishing the sentence simply by pressing the spacebar.

Mood Tracking Feature in the Health App

The features added to iOS 17 are endless, but we are wrapping the list with yet another exciting option – Mood Tracking. It lets you log your daily emotions to track your state of mind. The feature records your mood along with what’s causing that so you can make useful connections and reduce depression and anxiety assessments.


That’s all about iOS 17 features list. We hope you have enjoyed reading this guide and learned what to expect with this new update. iOS 17 is referred to as the most important iOS update to date, and users are eager to download its stable version to enjoy everything it has in store. While these aforementioned features are exciting, the list doesn’t end here and includes several other options, like Private Browsing in Safari, Visual Look Up in Photos App, Family Sharing, Collaborative Playlists, Offline Maps, and many more.

So, keep close tabs on iOS 17 release date which we will update soon, and upgrade your device at the earliest.