iOS 17 has become a buzzword since the moment Apple announced its launch at the WWDC Event in June 2023. People are endlessly discussing its features, improvements, and release dates, making it the talk of the town.

However, the party isn’t for everyone, as Apple has left some of its models from enjoying iOS 17 features. Yes, you read it right – users must have to check the compatibility of their device before joining the conversations about iOS 17 upcoming features.

All phone owners who are eligible for this new update will get the biggies, ranging from the new design-driven contact card, StandBy display mode, and offline maps to easy location sharing, mood tracking feature, and Facetime reactions.

So, if you are caught up in the buzz of iOS 17 and own an iPhone 8, you’ve landed on the rightmost page to find your device eligibility for this update. Continue scrolling the page and see if you can join this launch party or feel disappointed for not investing in the new iPhone model. Let’s get started.

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Is iOS 17 compatible with iPhone 8?

Wondering will your iPhone upgrade to iOS 17 or if it will be left in the dust? Trust me, you are not alone in the club. A majority of users are curious to know if they can enjoy all the fantastic features iOS 17 is bringing along.

So, if you have iPhone 8, then we’ll have to inform you with a heavy heart that you are not eligible to upgrade your device to iOS 17. iPhone 8, iPhone Plus, and iPhone X are the notable models that will not make the cut.

All these models were released back in 2017, and Apple has decided to keep them out of the iOS 17 reach. Needless to say, all older models are deprived of this update, and their owners will have to make a new investment to enjoy the futuristic iOS 17 update.

Why Did Apple Drop iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X from the list?

Here comes the real question – Why did Apple drop these models from the list and deprive their owners of enjoying this update? And the answer is simple and obvious. Apple continues to follow its tradition of dropping out a handful of older models from its new software update every year, and iOS 17 is no exception.

iPhones older than iPhone 8 didn’t get the chance to update to iOS 16; hence, the dropout of iPhone 8 this time is pretty obvious and predictable. Wondering why? Well, the reason is simple.

  • Apple does this to ensure optimal performance of the new update, and it’s no denying that previous and older models cannot compete with the new devices and offer the same performance as intended. While these models were once the best, they no longer offer the same value or processing power for the new software update; hence, they get dropped out from the list.
  • Moreover, the advanced iOS 17 requires powerful hardware and maximum processing power to deliver the best performance. And unfortunately, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X didn’t match the specifications. This time, the Apple A11 Bionic chip is the cut-off, and hence these models won’t qualify the criteria.
  • Finally, Apple also follows this tradition to encourage people to invest in new models. It is a kind of marketing strategy, and most people fall into the trap and shell out dollars for newer models, wondering if their previous iPhone is no longer worth it. It’s a clever way to nudge users toward upgrading from their older iPhones to newer ones.


There you have it. The craze of iOS 17 is hidden from none, as users are getting craze over this update and want to download its stable version at the earliest. It’s undeniable that new software requires more power, and sometimes older devices cannot keep up with the same, thus declining overall performance. Their battery issues and low processing power are one of the major reasons why Apple cut these models off from its annual software update.

Hence, if you own iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X, you will be out of the race and are not eligible to download the new update. So, if you want to join the party, it’s better to make an investment in newer models and make the most of your bucks. For more such iOS 17 updates, keep visiting the page regularly.