Curious about iOS 17 update? While Apple has already released the beta version in July, fans are eager to download the official update. And don’t worry, the wait is almost over.

Apple has already confirmed on its Wonderlust event that iOS 17 and iPad OS 17 are going to be launched for everyone on September 18, just a few days after. So, hold your breath, as eligible users can update their devices as soon as the iOS 17 is launched officially.

Do you wish to know more about the same? Keep scrolling the page and unveil other details about the iOS 17 Golden Master release date and download. Let’s have a look.

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What is the Release Date for iOS 17 Golden Master?

Before we slip into the official iOS 17 update, let’s find out about the iOS 17 Golden Master or RC version. In case you’ve missed it, the Golden Master is the final build of the piece of software in the beta stages for developers.

Apple has already released iOS 17 Golden Master on the very same day of the Wonderlust Event, September 12. It’s released with over 20 new ringtone and text tones. The first iOS 17 RC is 6.28 in size and features a new Gris Forecast, modern ProRAW and resolution control options, and Haptic feedback for ringtones and alerts.

How to Download iOS 17 Golden Master?

Since iOS 17 Golden Master has already been rolled out for the public, users can easily download the same using the instructions below.

  • Go to the Settings tab and click General.
  • Find the Software Update and follow the on-screen prompts to install the same.

When will iOS 17 Come Out to the Public?

As already discussed in Apple’s Wonderlust event, the new iOS version, iOS 17 Golden Master, will be officially launched on September 18. Apple has already made it clear that iOS 17 will be rolled out for the public after the launch of the iPhone 15, and the company stood by its words and promises.

Additionally, Apple always prefers to follow their previous year’s patterns when it comes to the release of iPhones and iOS. If we check last year’s data, Apple released iOS 16 five days after the event.

So, if we apply the same pattern to Wonderlust, which started on September 12, Apple must launch iOS 17 on September 17 (in a 5-day gap). But since September 17 is Sunday, and Apple never launched new software on Sundays, the date automatically shifts to September 18.

However, the company hasn’t revealed much about the release time yet. But we can make predictions according to the previous year’s timetable and expect iOS 17 to be made available around 10 A.M. Pacific Time. But please be mindful that we aren’t sure about the timing, and therefore, you must keep tabs on the official update to know when you can start downloading the iOS 17 Golden Master update.


It’s time to wrap up the guide about the iOS 17 Golden Master release and download. Apple has already released the final piece of the beta series and is all set to launch the official iOS 17 on September 18.

Are you all set for the new software update? Check the compatibility of your device and stay tuned with us for more such iOS updates.