iOS 17 is the gossip of the town, as everyone is talking about its release date. This software update has garnered massive popularity compared to all other iOS versions until now, and the whole credit goes to its one-of-a-kind features.

But, to your surprise, iOS 17 not only comes with FaceTime improvements, StandBy mode, or live voicemail, but the version packs numerous hidden features you must check out. And true me, you are definitely going to appreciate sharing passwords and auto-filling emailed verification codes.

So, are you ready? Continue browsing the page and find everything about the iOS 17 hidden features. Let’s get into it.

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The 7 Hidden Features of iOS 17

Are you keen to know about what iOS 17 has in store for you? While Apple has given you the highlights, we’ll dig deeper into the hidden options that haven’t even been talked about yet. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

1.      Quick Access to Private Browsing

iOS 17 eliminates the steps to begin private browsing and offers you direct access. Earlier, you must go through multiple steps to begin the Private Browsing session, but not anymore. The new software update has trimmed out the process to access Private Mode to a maximum of three steps. Tap the bottom-right corner, swipe to the right, and it’s done.

2.      Interactive Widgets

It is a welcoming addition for all iPhone users. Apple introduced widgets with iOS 16, but unfortunately, these are not actionable until iOS 17. With the new update, Apple has added more functionality to widgets, so you can do more with a tap.

The concept of making most of the widgets without leaving your home screen is actually an interactive idea.

3.      Autofill Verification codes from email

Gone are the days when you had to enter the verification codes from email manually. That’s going to change with iOS 17. The same intelligence that can scan your tests and find a verification code works with email, too. So, bid farewell to one more annoying step while maintaining security.

4.      Create collaborative playlist

With iOS 17, you can share a collaborative playlist with your friends and family in a few simple taps. It helps you put together a part list in a jiffy, thus giving everyone in the group a chance to add their favorite songs.

5.      Share passwords with trusted contacts

The next feature you must not overlook is the facility to share passcodes and passkeys with trusted contacts. You can create multiple contact groups in iOS 17 and share passwords using iCloud Keychain.

6.      Listen to web pages in Safari

Tired of reading the long page in your Safari web browser? Don’t worry, as you can now listen to the same using iOS 17. Save the web page to your Reading list and get the audio version of the same to avoid reading the entire content.

7.      Lock private browsing with Face ID

Yes, you read it right. You can now lock the private browsing with Face ID and Touch ID. iOS 17 has pushed the limit and taken another step to make the private slightly more secure. Now, you can lock your private browser window using Face or Touch ID, and keep your private content away from unauthorized access.


That’s all about the hidden features of iOS 17. Hope you have enjoyed reading the same and found the guide worthwhile. While Apple announced the major features at the event, some of the most useful ones come unannounced and can only be found when you actually use the latest version of the iPhone.

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