Unfortunately, Anixart is not currently available on iOS. Anixart is an anime streaming and tracking app developed for Android devices. The developers have not created an iOS version of Anixart, and they have stated that an iOS version likely would not be approved for distribution on the Apple App Store due to anime licensing restrictions.

At this time, iPhone and iPad users are not able to download or use the Anixart app. Anixart’s features like anime discovery, watchlists, forums, and streaming are only accessible on Android devices or through the Anixart website.

While an official iOS app may not be possible due to licensing limitations, the developers could potentially create a web app optimized for iOS browsers. But there has been no indication that Anixart plans to launch either a native iOS app or iOS-compatible web app.

For now, anime fans with iPhones or iPads can access some similar features on Anixart’s website or try iOS-compatible anime apps like Crunchyroll. But the full Anixart experience remains restricted to Android platforms only. Hopefully in the future, options will expand for iOS users to better enjoy Anixart’s anime offerings.