The New Year brings a sense of hope and renewal for many. As we reflect on the past year and look ahead to new beginnings, sharing warm wishes with loved ones is a great way to spread positive vibes. Luckily, in our digital age, there are lots of creative ways to do Happy New Year from iPhone.

How To Do Happy New Year iMessage Effects

One of the simplest ways to jazz up your new year’s wishes is to use iMessage effects. iOS 10 introduced these fun animations that automatically apply to messages containing certain phrases. When you type “Happy New Year” and hit send, your text will rain down the screen surrounded by virtual fireworks on the recipient’s end.

To try it out, open the Messages app and begin a new text or open an existing chat. Type out “Happy New Year!” and hit the send arrow. Then wait for your friend or family member to respond with awe when your thoughtful message is accompanied by a dynamic light show.

This feature only works if both you and the recipient are using iOS 10 or later. But even if they have an older OS or Android device, they’ll still get your greeting – just without the dazzling visual effect.

How To Sent Festive Stickers on iPhone

Another way to jazz up your holiday texts is by sending New Year’s stickers from a dedicated iMessage app. The App Store has dozens of sticker packs to choose from, many free or low cost. The “Happy New Year Sticker Emoji” app has hundreds of animated stickers and emojis to help spread cheer.

Once you’ve downloaded a sticker app, open a conversation in Messages. Tap the App Store icon and select your chosen sticker app. You can then browse through categories like “2023,” “Champagne,” or “Fireworks” and tap stickers to send them individually or in a mix.

Stickers allow you to communicate the essence of New Year’s in a more visual, expressive way. Just be sure the recipient also has an iPhone or iPad compatible with iMessage apps.

How To Send Happy New Year GIFs on iPhone

Like stickers, GIFs are a fun way to share New Year’s vibes visually. Apps like GIPHY make it easy to find and send the perfect moving image, from glittering text effects to adorable pets in party hats.

You can download the GIPHY app or access the GIPHY website on your iPhone’s browser. Search for New Year’s Eve or Happy New Year GIFs and select one you like. Tap the “send” icon and choose Messages to save it to your device and share via iMessage.

The recipient will see the GIF animate right on their screen. While not as fully integrated as iMessage stickers, GIFs work on both iOS and Android and retain the festive spirit.

How Use Happy New Year Emojis on iPhone

Emojis are icons and symbols that convey emotions or ideas visually. The standard emoji keyboard has several icons that are perfect for welcoming 2023, including:

  • 🎆 Fireworks – evokes the excitement of New Year’s Eve displays
  • 🥳 Partying Face – represents jubilant celebrations
  • 🎊 Confetti Ball – symbolizes the big countdown to midnight
  • 🍾 Champagne Bottle – cheers to new beginnings

To access these, open a conversation in Messages and tap the gray emoji icon to the left of the text field. Once your keyboard switches to emojis, you can find relevant icons by typing keywords like “new year’s” or “celebration.” Tap to add emojis to your message and hit send.

While emojis lack the dazzle of effects or animation, they’re universally understood on all platforms and great for quickly conveying festive New Year’s vibes.

The New Year brings fresh opportunities for connection. By taking advantage of iMessage features, you can start 2023 off right by sending thoughtful holiday digital greetings to all the special people in your life.