Lucky Sudoku is a popular sudoku puzzle game app that offers users the chance to earn rewards and cash prizes. The app has gained significant popularity recently, particularly among iOS users who are curious whether the app is available on the iOS App Store. Let’s take a look at Lucky Sudoku, its features, legitimacy, availability on iOS, and user reviews.

About Lucky Sudoku App

Lucky Sudoku is a free-to-play sudoku game app developed by Jong Min Deng. It is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The app provides standard sudoku gameplay, with options for different difficulty levels ranging from beginner to expert.

What sets Lucky Sudoku apart from other sudoku apps is its rewards system. Users can purportedly earn points and prizes for completing sudoku puzzles. These rewards can then be redeemed for gift cards or cash prizes through services like PayPal and GCash.

The developers promote Lucky Sudoku as a money-making opportunity, where users can earn substantial rewards just for playing sudoku games. This has attracted significant interest, especially from iOS users looking to supplement their income.

Is Lucky Sudoku Available on iOS Devices?

Yes, Lucky Sudoku is available for download on iOS devices through the Apple App Store. The iOS app was released on November 30, 2017 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The iOS version of Lucky Sudoku has the same features and reward systems as the Android version. iOS users can download the app for free and start completing sudoku puzzles to earn points.

To find the app on the iOS App Store, users can search for “Lucky Sudoku” or directly visit this link. The app listing shows screenshots, descriptions, user reviews, and other details.

Key Features of Lucky Sudoku App

Some of the main features that Lucky Sudoku offers include:

  • Standard sudoku gameplay – The core of the app is standard 9×9 sudoku with options for different difficulty levels. Users solve grids by filling numbers from 1-9 without repeats in each row or column.
  • Intuitive design – The app has a simple, user-friendly interface. It provides immediate feedback on number placement and highlights errors in red.
  • Four difficulty modes – Users can play sudoku puzzles ranked from beginner to expert based on complexity.
  • Rewards system – Completing puzzles earns users points that can supposedly be redeemed for gift cards, cash prizes, or cryptocurrency.
  • Leaderboards – Players can compare their sudoku statistics and fastest solve times with other users on leaderboards.
  • Hints and reveals – Stuck on a puzzle? The app offers hints for a small fee or can reveal the full solution.
  • No internet required – Lucky Sudoku can be played offline without an internet connection. Progress syncs when users go back online.

The Legitimacy of Lucky Sudoku’s Rewards

The biggest draw of the Lucky Sudoku app is its touted rewards system. However, there are lingering doubts about the legitimacy of its money-making claims. While users can technically earn points, the actual payouts have been questionable.

Most reviews indicate the rewards are negligible, amounting to just a few cents or dollars despite the app’s promises of substantial earnings. There are also inconsistencies in the withdrawal and redemption process.

Overall, the consensus is that while Lucky Sudoku does provide the base sudoku gameplay it advertises, users should approach it more as a game rather than a money-making opportunity. The rewards system seems inflated and unreliable.

Final Words

Lucky Sudoku provides standard sudoku gameplay in a free iOS app with the added incentive of rewards for completing puzzles. However, skepticism remains around the legitimacy and value of its payouts. While available for download on the App Store, users should go in with modest expectations, focusing more on the gameplay experience rather than potential earnings. Periodic technical issues also need to be resolved in future updates to improve the app’s rating. Overall, Lucky Sudoku is a decent option for sudoku fans to try, but likely will not deliver substantial income. Users are best served keeping their expectations aligned with the reality of minimal rewards.