YouTube Vanced has become the gold standard for an ad-free YouTube experience on Android. With iOS 17 rumored to allow sideloading apps, iPhone users can finally get access to Vanced or similar mods. However, it is important to note that Android Vanced team had confirmed that they haven’t developed an IOS app yet and there are no plans. So, here we have shown a way to download YouTube Vanced developed by different developers.

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What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is a modified version of the YouTube app for Android that offers handy features like built-in ad blocking, background play, and more. It provides an ad-free, feature-rich YouTube experience without needing a premium subscription.

Some key features of YouTube Vanced include:

  • Ad-free video watching
  • Background and picture-in-picture playback
  • Video downloads
  • Custom themes and colors
  • SponsorBlock to skip in-video promotions
  • Volume and brightness gestures
  • Return YouTube dislikes

YouTube Vanced has been available for Android devices for years, but iPhone users have not been able to install the modded app on their devices – until now.

YouTube Vanced Arrives on iOS 17 (But Not from the Official Website)

Team Vancedhas already said that they haven’t developed YouTube Vanced for iOS. However, there are several apps of the same name claiming they are official. These are not from the Vanced team that worked on the Android version but if you want to use all features of YouTube Vanced on your iOS device, then you can try it.

As stated, YouTube Vanced is not available on the Apple App Store, tech-savvy iOS users can download and install Vanced IPA files through Cydia Impactor or AltStore. This process essentially sideloads the YouTube Vanced app onto your iPhone so you can access all of its great features.

Some key pointers on getting YouTube Vanced on iOS 17:

  • You’ll need to rely on third-party app stores or sideloading tools like AltStore
  • The process will be more complex than downloading from the App Store
  • Apple does not endorse or support sideloaded apps
  • Your iPhone will need to be jailbroken in some cases

So while it takes some extra effort, iOS 17 finally opens the door for iPhone users to enjoy the Vanced experience.

How Does YouTube Vanced Work on iOS?

YouTube Vanced is not a standalone app. It works by essentially modifying the existing YouTube app with injected code and features.

Once installed, YouTube Vanced will replace the regular YouTube app on your iPhone’s home screen and launch with all of Vanced’s additional functionality. The app icon will change to signal you are running the moddedVanced version.

Under the hood, YouTube Vanced is still based on the official YouTube app but has been tweaked to unlock premium features. This avoids major compatibility issues.

Some things to note about the technical aspects:

  • Vanced modifies the existing YouTube app, it is not published as a new app
  • The core YouTube app is still there, just enhanced by Vanced
  • Regular app updates will be handled like normal by the App Store

So while YouTube Vanced provides a different experience, it still leverages much of the underlying YouTube iOS app. This makes it stable and sustainable long-term.

How to Install YouTube Vanced on iOS 17

Now that iOS 17 opens the door to sideloading, installing YouTube Vanced is possible but still requires some technical effort. Here is an overview of what’s involved:

1. Delete YouTube App

First, delete the regular YouTube app from your iPhone’s home screen. This ensures Vanced will replace it cleanly.

2. Download Vanced IPA

Use Safari or a computer to download the latest YouTube Vanced IPA file for iOS. This contains the Vanced mod.

3. Install AltStore

Download and install the AltStore app on your iPhone. This will allow sideloading the YouTube Vanced IPA file.

4. Sideload the IPA

In AltStore, use the “Add from File” option to install the YouTube Vanced IPA you downloaded earlier.

5. Trust and Launch

Trust the Vanced certificate and you will now have a modded YouTube app with all the Vanced perks!

While the process involves a few more steps than a normal app install, it unlocks a vastly improved YouTube experience on iPhone that makes it worthwhile.

Why iPhone Users Should Be Excited

YouTube Vanced on iOS 17 is a big deal and offers some major benefits for iPhone users who rely on YouTube. Here are some of the key reasons to be excited about Vanced on iOS:

Ad-Free YouTube

One of the best parts of YouTube Vanced is enjoying YouTube completely ad-free. No more annoying video ads or banner promotions. For those who spend a lot of time watching YouTube, this is a huge quality-of-life improvement.

Background Playback

YouTube normally stops playing when you switch to another app or lock your phone. With YouTube Vanced, audio keeps playing in the background so you can multitask or listen like a music app.

Video Downloads

YouTube Vanced lets you download videos to watch offline. This makes it great for planes, road trips, or times you’ll lack internet access. Downloads set Vanced apart from the regular YouTube app.

Enhanced Control

YouTube Vanced offers customizable gestures and shortcuts for controlling brightness, volume, playback speed, and more. These enhanced controls create a smoother watching experience.

Dark Theme & Customization

The default white and red YouTube theme isn’t for everyone. Vanced lets you enable a slick dark theme as well as customize colors and layout.

Alternatives to YouTube Vanced for iOS

If you don’t want to use unofficial YouTube Vanced app on your iPhone, here are some alternatives that you can use:

  1. Poptube
  2. YouTube++
  3. uYou+
  4. VueTube
  5. Yattee
  6. Cercube+

Final Words

YouTube Vanced has completely transformed the YouTube experience for Android users over the years. Now, iOS 17 finally brings the magic of Vanced to iPhones.

It requires some technical know-how to install and sideload the modded app. But once up and running, iPhone users can enjoy ad-free viewing, background play, downloads, and a highly customizable YouTube app.