The No Thanks app, which helps consumers identify products that support Israel to make informed shopping choices, has become hugely popular since its launch in November 2023. However, it is currently only available on Android devices, leaving iOS users wondering if and when an iPhone version will be released.

Background on the No Thanks app

The No Thanks app was developed by Palestinian developer Ahmed Bashbash in response to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. It allows users to scan product barcodes to determine if the brand has ties to Israel. The goal is to boycott brands that support Israel, amid calls from pro-Palestinian groups for economic measures against the country.

Videos demonstrating the app’s functionality went viral on social media, sparking discussions around using consumer choices to protest political issues. The app has been downloaded over 190,000 times on the Google Play Store so far.

Current availability of the No Thanks app

As of December 2023, there is no iOS version of the No Thanks app available for download. The viral app is still exclusive to Android devices.

Some unofficial workarounds have been posted online to try to get the Android app on iPhones. However, these require advanced technical methods and cannot fully replicate the app’s intended functionality. They also violate Apple’s App Store terms and conditions.

Potential timeline for an iOS launch

The app’s developer, Ahmed Bashbash, has suggested that an iOS version is in the works. However, no definitive timeline has been provided on when iPhone users can expect to access the tool.

Given the app’s exponential growth in a short time, Bashbash is likely prioritizing getting the app back on the Google Play Store while working on iOS development behind the scenes.

Experts estimate that if the developer is already working on an iPhone version, it could potentially launch within 2-3 months. However, the release may take longer if iOS development is only starting now.

Much will also depend on whether Apple approves the app for its App Store, as the tech giant has strict guidelines around app content and functionality.

Why there’s no iOS app yet

There are a few key reasons why the No Thanks app has not yet launched for iPhones:

Development Capacity: As a solo developer, Bashbash has limited bandwidth, especially when managing sudden viral popularity. Developing for both Android and iOS concurrently can be tremendously complex.

Business Prioritization: Since the app has gained traction on Android, launching on iOS may not be the immediate priority over getting it stable on existing platforms.

Apple’s Review Process: Apple has an extensive and often unpredictable app review process. Navigating App Store guidelines and securing approval can be challenging and time-intensive.

Technical Challenges: There are some key differences in developing for Android vs. iOS platforms related to coding languages, device compatibility, app distribution, and more.

What iOS users can do

While waiting for an official iPhone app, iOS users have a few options:

  • Follow the developer’s social media for launch announcements
  • Try unofficial workarounds at their own risk
  • Switch to Android devices temporarily
  • Use alternative barcode scanner apps
  • Identify brands via online research rather than scans
  • Sign petitions requesting app’s approval on iOS

The viral status and public awareness of the No Thanks app likely means developer Bashbash will prioritize an iOS version soon. In the meantime, consumers can support the app’s mission through other channels.

Outlook on iOS launch timeline

Based on all available information on development status, experts estimate the No Thanks app for iPhones could launch by February-March 2024. However, this timeline depends heavily on:

  • Progress of Android app stabilization
  • Business priorities and development capacity
  • iOS review process and App Store policies
  • Code migration and iOS-specific development

Once launched on iOS, the app is likely to once again see massive download volumes given pent up demand. An iPhone version would significantly expand its reach and impact as a tool for informed consumer activism.

The No Thanks app’s immense early popularity marks it as one that developers will likely aim to sustain with multi-platform support. As such, iOS users hopefully won’t have to wait too long before gaining access.

Regular updates from the developer and paying close attention to Apple’s App Store will give the clearest sense of when iOS consumers can realistically expect to start scanning barcodes for ethical shopping.