Pokemon Go, the popular augmented reality game, has captivated millions of players worldwide with its unique blend of virtual and real-world gaming.

However, the game’s location-based mechanics can sometimes limit the experience, especially for those who can’t travel frequently. That’s why you need the best PokemonThis is where Pokemon Go spoofers come into play.

These tools allow players to virtually change their location, accessing different Pokemon, gyms, and events that might not be available in their actual location. Here are the best Pokemon Go spoofers for iOS, their features, and how to use them safely.

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iTools Mobile

iTools Mobile is a Bluetooth device that costs around $80 and allows you to spoof your location for any app, including Pokémon Go, while using the stock app. It is considered much safer than using hacked Pokémon Go apps. However, there is a restriction on how far you can spoof, and it lacks some features compared to other options.


PokeGo++ is a Pokemon Go spoofer exclusive to iOS with an 80% spoof success rate. It offers a wide range of features that make it user-friendly and fun to play. However, some users have reported that it doesn’t always work.

Tethered GPS Overriders

Tethered GPS overriders are the next safest option for iOS spoofing. Some popular choices include:

  • 3uTools (iOS, free)
  • iMyFoneAnyTo (iOS/Android)
  • TenorshareiAnyGo (iOS)
  • Dr.Fone Virtual Location (iOS/Android)

These tools require a PC or Mac to control the location of an iOS device connected via a USB cable while playing Pokémon Go using the stock app. It is essential to close the Pokémon Go app, change the location, and then reopen the app to minimize the risk of getting a strike.


iSpoofer is another iOS-only spoofer with a 20% spoof success rate. While it doesn’t provide a cooldown reminder, it’s still a viable option for some players. However, it’s worth noting that it has the lowest success rate among the spoofers listed here

Nord VPN

Nord VPN is another iOS-only spoofer that uses a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to mask your actual location. While it doesn’t have a built-in fake GPS, it does offer a significant list of features, including a large number of servers and full auditing. However, its spoof success rate is only 50%, and it doesn’t provide a cooldown reminder.


Another excellent option for iOS users is iToolabAnyGo. This software allows you to change your GPS location to anywhere on the planet, simulate movement at customized speeds, and pause your route at any time, making the movement look more natural. It’s compatible with most iPhone models and doesn’t require jailbreaking your device. To use AnyGo, you need to install the program on your computer and follow the steps to teleport your device to any location in the world.


Jailbreaking your iOS device allows you to use the stock Pokémon Go app while injecting spoofing features via tweaks. Some popular jailbreak tweaks include i-Pogo and SpooferPro, which provide all the features of their riskier sideloaded versions while still using the legitimate Pokémon Go app. However, jailbreaking can void your device’s warranty and may cause other issues.

While there are several options for spoofing Pokémon Go on iOS devices, it is crucial to understand the risks involved and choose a method that best suits your needs and risk tolerance. Always follow the game’s terms of service and be aware of Niantic’s 3-strike policy to avoid potential account bans