We’ve all been there – when we get ready, but our friends didn’t even wake up at the moment. Sounds frustrating? Indeed, the situation is. But don’t worry, as now you can send surprise alarms to your friends, so they can wake up and keep up on time.

We know it sounds crazy at first glance, but it is actually worth it. These reminder apps give you the power to set reminders for your partner or roommates, so they can complete tasks on time. Scroll down the page and find everything about sending a surprise alarm to your friends. Let’s have a look.

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Is it possible to send a surprise alarm to someone?

Well, it’s not. While it’s a fun idea to send a surprise alarm to someone so that he or she will never be late for important events, the feature isn’t practically feasible. However, there are various apps that may help you bring this virtual idea to reality. One of the leading apps you can use to fulfill your imagination is Galarm.

It is a reminder app that gives you the power to set reminders for your partner, so they can pick up groceries on time, take your dog for a walk, and go to the gym without getting late. The app helps you to send an alarm with notes attached. You can also create personal reminders and group reminders. Besides, chatting with alarm participants is also possible using Galarm.

How do I assign a reminder?

Here’s the question – how to assign a reminder? Let’s begin with the basics. The process is simple and hassle-free. All you have to do is share your mobile number and contact with the app, and you are all set to remind your friends about important events.

Here’s how to use the app and assign a reminder to someone in less than no time.

  • Launch the app and tap on the icon in the right corner to set a new alarm.
  • Select Create an Alarm for Someone Else.
  • Add Recipient from your contact list for whom you want to set the alarm.

Be mindful that the feature will only work for those who have the Galarm app on their phones. If they don’t use the app, then you cannot send them reminders and wake them up using this application.

Galarm is much more than just sending an alarm. With this, you can set a daily reminder, chat with your alarm member, select music, and track past responses for each repeating alarm.


That’s all about sending a surprise alarm to your friends. It is a non-existent feature that will remind you of the important events. However, please hold your breath as the feature is neither downloadable nor feasible. It’s a playful concept conjured in the creative grounds of the internet.

But there’s one thing that may give your imagination to life, the Galarm app. While the app helps you send a reminder, it only works if the other person also has the same application.