Incidents happen when you are not at all in the mood to talk to someone and find it best to block the number for some time. But what if you change your mind? Is it possible to reverse things and bring them back to normal, if not in your heart but on your iPhone?

Well, the simple answer is YES. While our hearts may or may not be ready to bring the person back into our life, our iPhone surely is. Being a leading tech giant across the globe, Apple understands that people often show their anger by blocking another person instantly. But, it’s life and decisions can change at any moment.

Therefore, it offers you the flexibility to unblock those contacts and try to sort things out, even temporarily. Ready to find out ways to unblock a number on an iPhone? We made it really simple by listing a few effective workarounds to help you out. This guide will walk you through simple step-by-step instructions to get this done. Let’s get started.

What happens when you block a number?

There are numerous good reasons to block someone and cut contact instantly. Blocking a specific number on your iPhone is the easiest method to throw anyone out of your life. It may be your ex or an old friend or a colleague, or a spam number.

But while it makes sense to block some numbers at the moment, there may come a time when you change your mind and wonder if you have blocked the wrong person. But before you try to make things normal, we would love to outline what exactly happens when you block someone on your iPhone.

When someone tries to reach your out with the blocked number, the system simply routes it directly to voicemail and keeps you away from that annoying person, at least digitally. Your iPhone won’t notify you of his missed call or message or even that you have a new voicemail.

However, you must be mindful that blocked numbers won’t go from your life for good. His or her messages will still remain in your voicemail until you delete them. While the blocked cannot reach you via phone call, text, or FaceTime, this voicemail option is always open to him, keeping him alive in your memories, especially if you open voicemails frequently.

What are the different methods to unblock a number on iPhone?

Now that you have learned what will happen when you block someone on your iPhone, it’s time to find out different methods to unblock a number on your iPhone. And don’t worry, the process is as simple as 1-2-3.

Unblocking a person on your smartphone is effortless as long as you stick to our guidelines and instructions. Best of all, it’s not permanent. If, after unblocking a person, you won’t feel good or if the person starts to get on your nerves again, you can simply block the number again in a flash.

But for now, keep all your grudges aside, and let’s find out how to unblock a number in a jiffy. Let’s have a look.

Using Recent Calls List

Let’s begin with the simplest. If you have blocked someone recently, the best and easiest method to unblock it is using the recent call list. Ahead, we have mentioned simple instructions to unblock that number without digging deeper. Here’s how to do so.

  • Unlock your iPhone, and click the green and white phone icon.
  • Tap Recents at the bottom of the screen, and a list will appear on the screen with either name or number.
  • Scroll down to locate the blocked number.
  • Once you find it, select it, and you’ll see the date of the call and a small blue circle with an “i” in the middle. Tap it and move to another step.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the caller’s information screen and select Unblock, this caller. And that’s it, you have now unblocked the contact and are ready to connect with the person again.

Using Blocked Contacts List

The second best method to give a room to the blocked person is to visit the Blocked Contact list on your device and scroll down to the number you wish to unblock. It is ideal for those who either want to unblock a number and don’t remember all digits or if they have blocked someone ages ago and have now changed their mind.

In that case, simply use the Blocked contacts list and make the process easier than you can imagine.

Here’s how to do so.

  • Click the Settings icon and scroll down to the Phone.
  • Locate Blocked Contacts and open the list to view all numbers you have blocked to date.
  • Swipe left on the contact you wish to unblock.
  • In case you have changed heart for multiple contacts, simply tap the Edit button and select the red circle to remove the number from the Blocked Contact list. And the process completes here.

Can I unblock a contact on my iPhone?

Okay, so you have blocked someone but still kept him or her in your virtual phone book. Well, don’t worry, you can easily unblock that contact using the stepwise instructions mentioned below.

Scroll through the iPhone trick mentioned below and undo your decision effortlessly.

  • Select the green-and-white phone icon, and tap the contacts icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • You can either scroll down to the contact that you wish to unblock or search it by name using the search engine in your Contact tab.
  • Once you find the blocked contact, expand its info, and select the option saying Unblock this Caller. Congrats, you have finally given that person a re-entry to your iPhone, and might be in your life, too.


There you have it. Unblocking a person and allowing him to contact you again is a big decision, so make it wisely. Don’t worry, the process is reversible, and you can again block the number or contact from your iPhone and life whenever you want to.

That’s all for now. For more such iPhone guides, stay tuned with us.