Apple has never ceased to surprise users, and this time, it has brought yet another gadget, Vision Pro. It is a spatial computing device with the ability to see apps and content overlaid across the real world.

Vision Pro is basically an AR headset that gives the perfect concoction of real and digital worlds. The device comes with a 3-D camera and a microphone that easily captures videos and pictures that the user can later view in 3D. But what exactly is Vision Pro, and what’s the buzz all about?

If you are eager to know about this computing device, this guide is for you. We have compiled all the essential details about the Vision Pro and its features that make this Apple’s fancy toy worth investing in.

So, let’s begin.

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Vision Pro – Introduction at Glance

Apple finally debuted its first-ever mixed reality headset at WWDC 2023. It displays a floating set of icons associated with Apple’s frequently used applications.

With Vision Pro, users can stream movies, play their favorite titles, and make FaceTime calls with a swipe of their fingertips. Also, this new device isn’t bound to controllers and uses the wearer’s voice, eye movements, and hand gestures to highlight the preferred icon.

Vision Pro offers a game-changing feature, namely EyeSight. It comes with built-in VisionOS that reduces the feeling of isolation when wearing the headset. The device also indicates to others around you whether you can see them or are immersed in AR by providing visual cues.

It has a ski goggle-like design. The device has a tinted, continuous front panel that wraps around the users’ eyes and acts as a lens. This panel features a fan that attracts air through the headset to cool the electronics inside. Around the back of the Vision Pro, there’s a band that you can swap out and a dial with the help of which you can adjust the tightness of the headset.

Unlike other headsets available in the market, the Vision Pro’s battery pack doesn’t feature an in-built battery pack. A wire running from the rear connects to a battery, thus providing up to two hours of use. The Vision Pro has two display panels, one for each eye, with 23 million pixels across both. It also comprises a 3D lens to make sure that the user interface will always remain within view while delivering delivers superior images.

What’s powering Apple Vision Pro?

This device is powered by the software, VisionOS. According to Apple, it is the first OS designed from scratch to handle spatial computing. This software shares core blocks at the architecture level, which is common with MacOS and iOS. However, the difference lies in its real-time subsystem that’s added for processing interactive visuals on the Vision Pro.

The 3D interface of this software eliminates the boundaries of a traditional display so that apps can appear side by side. The UI gives instant response to natural light, casting shadows to help communicate scale and distance.

Is Apple Vison Pro Available to Buy?

No, not yet. Interested users must have to wait for a while as the device is not going to launch until early next year. Also, it won’t come that cheap and requires a whopping $3499 to add the next-gen device to your collection. The device is significantly more expensive than even the most pessimistic rumors suggested.


That’s all about the Apple Vision Pro. We hope you have enjoyed reading the article and found the essential information about this futuristic device. This all-new Vision Pro is integrated with two ultra-high resolution displays with 23 million pixels. It also features 12 cameras, six microphones, and five sensors.

So, what do you think of this device? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below. We would love to hear from you. For more iOS updates, stay tuned with us.