Have you ever felt the need for screen recording while playing a video or performing the installation of a tool, or in any other real-time scenario? Well, if so, then look no further and use iPhone’s screen recording feature to save your favorite YouTube clips or create tutorial videos in a flash.

All iPhones running on iOS 11 or later come with an in-built screen recording function. It makes it easy to save a clip of the game or teach your friends and family to perform a specific function on your iPhone. So, why wait? Scroll down the page and find everything about adding a screen record on your iOS device. The process is simple and doesn’t demand any prior experience. So, let’s get started.

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The Steps to Enable or Add the Screen Record Feature on iPhone

Gone are the days when you had to download third-party apps in order to record your iPhone screens. Nowadays, Apple has made it easy by introducing the built-in screen recording feature.

Below are the steps to activate the Screen Record feature on your iPhone. Stick to the instructions and start recording your iPhone’s screen right away. But before you jumpstart the process, find if you have a screen record button in the Control Center. If not, consider adding it to make the procedure a breeze.

  1. Swipe down from the top-right corner to launch the iPhone’s Control Center menu. If you have iPhone 8 or earlier, swipe up to open the Control Center.
  2. Locate the screen record button. It resembles a dot with a circle around it. However, if you don’t find it, open Settings and go to the Control Center option. Tap Customize Controls and swipe down to the More Controls menu. Here, you can locate the Screen Recording option.
  3. Tap the + symbol, represented by green color, and is available to the left of the text.
  4. It instantly jumps to the Included Controls menu above, and you can remove the screen record button from your Control Center at any time by clicking the red “-” symbol. That’s how you can add the Screen Record feature on your iPhone.

How to Record Your Screen on an iPhone?

Now that you’ve added the Screen Record feature on your iPhone, it’s time to get started with the recording part. The best thing – you don’t have to perform other steps to begin the function. You are ready to start using it. Here’s how to record screens on your iPhone with a swipe of your fingertips.

  1. Open the Control Center and tap the Record button.
  2. You’ll then find a three-second countdown on the screen, and the clock in the upper left-hand corner will automatically turn red afterward.
  3. Exit the Control Center screen, and you can now record the audio and video on your iPhone.
  4. Once you are done, tap the red clock bar at the top of the screen and select Stop.

Best of all – iPhone’s Screen Recording feature also lets you record yourself while talking and recording the screen simultaneously. Amazing, isn’t it?


Taking screenshots is a thing of the past, as iPhone’s screen recording feature has taken the world by storm. So, if you are looking forward to recording your screens, it’s good to follow the steps above and make the most of the latest iOS features.

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