The first time the TikTok app asked me for my iPhone passcode, I’ll admit I was taken aback. I thought I’d clicked on some scammy link that was trying to hack into my phone. Once I took a breath and did some investigating though, there were valid reasons for TikTok’s passcode prompt.

In my case, it turned out I had enabled Restricted Mode without realizing it. Restricted Mode is a setting in TikTok that filters out mature content, and entering my passcode allowed those filters to work properly. Mystery solved!

Other times, I’ve seen the passcode pop-up when trying to set up passkeys for logging into TikTok. Passkeys use Face ID instead of passwords for more secure logins. Granting TikTok initial passcode access is part of the passkey setup process.

I have however noticed random passcode requests lately when simply opening the TikTok app. Many users seem to be experiencing this starting around November 2022. TikTok hasn’t explained why it’s happening, but I don’t input my passcode since it doesn’t seem to be dangerous.

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When I notice repeated prompts, I make sure to double check my TikTok account security. Turning on two-factor authentication provides extra protection in case my password is compromised. I also monitor linked devices and watch for any unfamiliar logins.

While the passcode requests make me raise an eyebrow, I know they’re usually tied to Restricted Mode, passkeys, or general security. But if the prompts become constant, I’ll reach out to TikTok support just to be safe. As long as I stay cautious, I can keep enjoying TikTok without handing over my iPhone keys.

Short Answer: Why is Tiktok Asking For My iPhone passcode

TikTok’s passcode prompts are typically related to enabling Restricted Mode, setting up passkeys, or random bugs – but there are steps you can take to stay secure. Keep reading this article to learn when TikTok needs your passcode, how to reinforce your account safety, and what to do if the requests seem suspicious. Understanding the reasons behind TikTok’s iPhone passcode requests can give you peace of mind.

How To Enable Restricted Mode on iPhone

One of the main reasons TikTok will request your passcode is to enable Restricted Mode. This is a setting within TikTok that limits content deemed inappropriate or mature.

Restricted Mode requires a passcode in order to:

  1. Filter videos to exclude restricted content from your feed.
  2. Prevent the ability to disable Restricted Mode without reentering the passcode.
  3. So if you opted to turn on Restricted Mode in your settings, TikTok now needs your passcode to apply age-appropriate content filtering.

How To Set Up Login Passkeys on iPhone

Passkeys are a new, more secure method of logging into apps and websites using Touch ID or Face ID instead of passwords.

  1. TikTok recently implemented support for passkeys. Part of setting up and activating passkeys requires allowing TikTok access through your iPhone passcode.
  2. If you choose to use passkeys for logging into TikTok, you will have to provide your passcode initially as part of the setup process.

Random Passcode Prompts

Some TikTok users have reported being prompted for their passcode when simply opening the app, even if they did not change any settings.

These random passcode popups seem to have become more frequent starting around late November 2022, but no explanation has been provided.

While frustrating, the prompts do not appear to represent a security risk if you do not enter your passcode. But you may want to contact TikTok support if these popups become excessive.

Verify Account Security

Facing repeated requests for your passcode when using TikTok may be a sign to review your account security settings.

Consider enabling two-factor authentication if available for your TikTok account. This adds an extra layer of protection by requiring both your password and a verification code when logging in.

You can also check what devices are linked to your TikTok account and remove any unfamiliar ones. Routinely changing your password is another good security practice.

Don’t Ignore Repeated Prompts

While TikTok passcode requests are typically harmless, contact TikTok support if they seem to happen constantly without any action on your part. Persistent prompts could indicate an attempted security breach.

Similarly, do not actually enter your passcode if you are not actively trying to turn on Restricted Mode or set up passkeys. The prompts may be annoying, but it’s best to err on the side of caution with your iPhone access.

With vigilance and updated security settings, you can use TikTok without compromising the integrity of your personal devices. Reach out for assistance if anything ever seems questionable or out of the ordinary.